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Thyroid Appendix Survey Results
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Explanations submitted by users who selected the next option:
1  Have you ever had any thyroidal illness? If yes, please select all that apply.
1 Hyperthyroid ( Hyperthyroidism ) 22 of 197 11%
1091  I have Hasimotos, and on occasion I've been overmedicated, sometimes for a lengthy period of time, causing hyperthyroidism.    16 year ago  
1093  I have never bben diagnosed with it but I knew from many classic sympthoms that I had it.    16 year ago  
1137  Lived with undiagnosed hyperthyroid for 10 years before diagnosed. Refused radiation to kill thyroid and take Synthroid the rest of life. Changed diet some and saw relief (eliminating coffee, cigarettes, and any alcohol helped to reduce goiter pressure). But diet was not good enough. Thyroid was diagnosed as hypo- years later and eu- even later. Since 1980 when the thyroid started bothering me (just so happens I had my first root canal and other dental work done that year) till now, I have not taken any medication. My symptoms seem to be mostly hyper but a few are hypo symptoms. I heard that can happen after going many years without treatment or a cure.    16 year ago  
1644  Feeling lethargic, I went to a physician who specialized in alternative health care. His diagnosis: I had a weak thyroid. His remedy: Vitamin C drips directly into my arm (plus other ingredients- adrenal cortex- I think) . Eat more fish and bovine adrenal pills. The treatment was weekly drips for 8 weeks.

After the treatment and tested- my thyroid was measured low normal which was acceptable to him.

It was the middle of a cold winter while obtaining the drips. I would look forward to the drips. After the treatment, my hands became warm as toast for an hour or so afterwards, even though it was quite cold outside. I loved that.    15 year ago
2535  Became hypo after treatment for being hyper    15 year ago  
3595  I had hyperthyroidisim as a 10 year old child. Told back then that I was cured, stopped medication. Was never checked for it again until 57 years old and now told that I have hypothyroidism. I am currently taking levothyroxine.    14 year ago  
4570  Had the worst case of Graves Disease that my doctor ever saw. He wanted to radiate immediately. I would not. Ended up hooking up with a biochemist/physiologist who pumped me up on all kinds of diet and supplements now I am graves free!    12 year ago  
4779  I have a 3.5cm cold nodule and graves disease causing hyperthyroidism.    12 year ago  
5177  Hyperthyroidism + Nodules + Plummer's adenoma    11 year ago  
5268  I have thyroid nodules which are hyperthyroid.    11 year ago  
5864  I had a partial thyroid removal due to a large growth that was noncancerous. I used to be hyper and now I fill hypo and wonder about my tsh levels.    9 year ago  
6513  Diagnosed when I was 14, took 20mg tapazole or carbimazole daily until I was 28.    5 year ago  

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