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Thyroid Appendix Survey Results
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3  Have you had your appendix removed?
1 NO 107 of 194 55%
1700  Sometimes I have a stinging pain in the left lower abdomen area.    15 year ago  
2624  As before, I was recently diagnosed with an enlarged appendix after complaining off and on for some time about abdominal pain.    15 year ago  
3327  when in my teens, I had many times frequent pain in the lower abdomen area, and often worried it may have been a grumbeling appendix, one evening the emergancy doctor who called had to give me a shot of morphine to get me to relax and finally go to sleep.    14 year ago  
5215  Have pain, but not currently that frequent    11 year ago  
5295  In case your study is concerned with patient success in treating hypothyroid, I have tried Synthroid, Cytomel, iodine, and Armour thyroid and none of these work for me. I have never considered the appendix to be a likely factor in this pathology.

My mother has her appendix, and has Hashimotos syndrome. My younger sister does not have her appendix, and seems to feel that she has no health issues. She does not appear to have hypo or hyper thyroid.    11 year ago

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