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Water Fasting Survey Results
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New Survey Questions (21) 
4 How often have you water fasted in the past?   13 year ago
21 Finally! Do you plan to water fast in the future?   13 year ago
20 Was your water fast supervised by a health professional or fasting expert?   13 year ago
19 How did your family, friends and co-workers react to your water fasting?   13 year ago
18 Have you ever recommended water fasting to another person?   13 year ago
17 What other formsof cleansing/flushing or specialized therapies have you done?   13 year ago
16 Have you done any other forms of fasting? IE juice, Master Cleanse, liquid nutrient diet, "Superfood" fast etc.   13 year ago
15 If you were water fasting for spiritual enligtenment, how successful was it? We realize this is a difficult question to answer. Please share your story to better explain your experiences.   13 year ago
14 Did you use weight loss supplements or drugs before, during, or after you water fasted?   13 year ago
13 Have you kept the weight you lost while fasting off?   13 year ago
3 How long did you fast; or how long is your average water fast?   13 year ago
12 How much weight did you lose when water fasting?   13 year ago
11 If weight loss was your primary reason for water fasting, please answer all questions that apply and share your story where appropriate.   13 year ago
10 Worse? Have you experienced worsening or appearance of any of the symptoms or ailments while praciticing Water Fasting? If yes, select all symptoms or ailments that worsened. Please sare story.   13 year ago
9 Unchanged? Have any of your physical symptoms or ailments remained unchanged while practicing Water Fasting? (Did not improve, did not get worse.) If yes, select all symptoms or ailments that remained unchanged.   13 year ago
8 "Cure"? Have you experienced any "cure" because of Water Fasting? Any physical symptoms or ailments that disappeared 100%? If yes, then please select all symptoms or ailments that apply. Please share your storyat the end of this question.   13 year ago
7 Improvement (but not full cure)? Have you experienced any noticeable health improvement while Water Fasting? If yes, select symptoms that improved but are still not fully cured.   13 year ago
6 Health? Your health BEFORE you started Water Fasting? Have you suffered from any frequent symptoms, chronic conditions or ailments before you started Water Fasting? If yes, please select all symptoms and ailments you were suffering from.   13 year ago
5 In general, why do you water fast?   13 year ago
2 How old were you when you attempted first fast?   13 year ago
1 How long have you practiced water fasting?   13 year ago
22 Date Of Birth
23 Body Height
24 Body Weight
25 Country where you live?
26 Gender (Sex)
27 Who are you attracted to?
28 How many children do you have?
29 Ethnicity
30 Blood Type
31 Level of physical activity?
32 Which of the next activities do you practice at least once every week?
33 Which of the next diets are closest to your average daily diet?
34 What foods do you consume?
35 What is the average percentage of RAW food in your diet, by volume?
36 What is your average daily intake of pure water?
37 The highest educational level achieved?
38 Smoking Habits
39 Marital Status
40 Religion
41 Time Zone where you live now?
42 Climate of the place where you live now?
43 Climate of the place where you were born?
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