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Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Survey Results
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New Survey Questions (19) 
19 Other Alternative Remedies and Therapies: What other Alternative remedies/therapies have you used while using MMS?   15 year ago
17 Pharmaceuticals, Medications & Treatments? Have you been using any patented pharmaceutical medications, diagnostic procedures or treatments (other then MMS) since you started using MMS? If yes, select all that apply:   15 year ago
13 Unchanged? Have any of your physical symptoms or ailments remained unchanged while using MMS? (Did not improve, did not get worse.) If yes, select all symptoms or ailments that remained unchanged.   15 year ago
12 "Cure"? Have you experienced any "cure" while using MMS? Any physical symptoms or ailments that disappeared 100%? If yes, then please select all symptoms or ailments that apply.   15 year ago
11 Improvement (but not full cure)? Have you experienced any noticeable health improvement while using MMS? If yes, select symptoms that improved but are still not fully cured.   15 year ago
10 Worse? Have you experienced worsening or appearance of any of the symptoms or ailments while using MMS? If yes, select all symptoms or ailments that worsened.   15 year ago
9 Health? Your health BEFORE you started using MMS? Have you suffered from any frequent symptoms, chronic conditions or ailments before you started using MMS? If yes, please select all symptoms and ailments you were suffering from.   15 year ago
4 How long have you used MMS?   15 year ago
3 Have you experienced any symptoms or health problems (including but not limiting to detox symptoms, Herxheimer reactions, etc. ) while using MMS?   15 year ago
1 Have you experienced any health benefits while using MMS?   15 year ago
18 If you noticed improvements, how long did it take to notice them?   15 year ago
16 What other supplements are you using along with MMS?   15 year ago
15 Would you recommend MMS to another person?   15 year ago
2 Do you or have you regretted using MMS?   15 year ago
14 What do you use to activate the MMS?   15 year ago
8 What is your average daily dosage?   15 year ago
7 How often do you take MMS?   15 year ago
6 Have you noticed any improvements in your condition(s)   15 year ago
5 How did you first hear about MMS?   15 year ago
20 Date Of Birth
21 Country where you live?
22 Gender (Sex)
23 Who are you attracted to?
24 Ethnicity
25 Blood Type
26 Level of physical activity?
27 Which of the next diets are closest to your average daily diet?
28 What is your average daily intake of pure water?
29 What vaccines have you received since birth?
30 Smoking Habits
31 Marital Status
32 Religion
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