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I am getting ready to take Atomidine iodine supplement. I was taking Natural Living's 12.5 mg iodine/iodide. My question is, how many drops of the Atomidine 600 mcg is equivalent to Natural Living's 12.5 mg?

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Atomidine...   by Doerayme   12 year


I bought Atomidine and it says "Iodine Trichloride" or something similar to trichloride on the back and I read on this site somewhere that it is bad to take the Atomidine that it is not the same product that Cayce recommended a different company got the rights to the name Atomidine.

I am not taking it since the "chloride" just further fills up the thyroid that will eventually have to be detoxed.

Sorry, I am not very technical. I hope I got you started in the right direction. :O)

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