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What do I need to learn about Iodine? References/urls for a newby? (articles, studies, A/Vs, protocol, vocabulary, supplements, tests, Abraham, Brownstein, Flechas, Miller, etc)

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Breast Cancer Choices   by #77156   15 year

Many Breast Cancer patients have started using Iodoral but, Breast Cancer Choices' info applies to all contemplating iodine. Their extensive research, presence at the February 07 Iodine Conference, references to the main Iodine doctors etc., makes them one of the most reliable sources of Iodine information. They have been researching iodine for three years as well as corresponded with the principal iodine doctors to confirm their fact-finding.

Check out the URLs they suggest (to save yourself a lot of time googling). Also click on the audio and video links of the iodine docs.

They also have their own research project going, The Iodine Investigation Project.
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