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ESSENTIALITY~ Is iodine an essential nutrient?

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Iodine metabolism, the facts~ by Vulcanel   by wombat   13 year


Iodine is the only trace mineral used to synthesize hormones. J Clin Endocr and Met 1998; 83:3398-3400

Iodine is the most deficient trace mineral in the world. 1/3 of all peoples are deficient. J Clin Endocr and Met 1998; 83:3398-3400

Iodine deficiency is the number one cause of underfunctioning intellect. J Clin Endocr and Met 1998; 83:3401-08

The normal daily requirement of Iodine has never been determined. The Original Internist Dec 2002. p30

Reports on Iodine poisoning are misinterpreted, misunderstood and misrepresented to doctors and the lay public. One medical authority of wide influence, R. Arem MD, incorrectly reported [The Thyroid Solution 1999]that high Iodine intake caused increases in thyroiditis and thyroid cancer in Argentina. Just the opposite was true, low Iodine contributes to thyroid cancer. One archived anecdotal case from Dr Arem reported that 2.3 grams of Kelp/day caused Graves disease necessitating thyroid gland destruction. Japanese consume 4.6 grams of seaweed per day and continue to be amongst the worlds healthiest peoples. Arem unfortunately advises Iodine consumption be restricted to only 500 to 600 ?g/day micrograms/day. The Original Internist Dec 2002 p30, 31.

15% females are Iodine deficient with urine levels less than 50 ?g/L exposing them to prescription thyroid hormones by doctors who never check urinary Iodine levels. J Clin Endocr and Met 1998; 83:3401-08.

Iodine works better than the hormones and lasts twice as long when discontinued. Eur J Clin Inv 1989; 19:527-534.

Iodine deficiency predisposes to Breast Cancer and high fat diet predisposes to Iodine deficiency. J Epid Comm Health 2000; 54:851-858.

Japan and Iceland have high Iodine intake and low goiter and breast cancer, just the reverse occurs in Mexico and Thailand. quart Rev Surg Obstet Gynec, 1960; 17:139-147.

Iodine protects against estrogenic effects in breast cancer. JAMA 1967; 200:115-119, Adv Exp Med Biol,1977; 91:293-304.

Thyroid hormone therapy contributes to Breast Cancer in Iodine deficient women. JAMA , 1976; 238-1124.

In the usually misleading establishment organ Cancer, 1964, 17:1174-76 ? effects of Iodine deficiency were incorrectly interpreted based upon goiter incidence in Michigan. Goiters decreased from 38.6%-1.4% between 1921 and 1954 with no change in breast cancer. Their mistake was that they presumed incorrectly that the amount of Iodine needed to prevent goiter would be equal to the amount to prevent breast cancer. However two studies show that in woman and female rats it takes 20 to 40 times the amount of Iodine needed to control Breast Cancer and fibrocystic disease than it does to prevent goiter. Can J Surg 1993; 36:453-460, Biological Trace Element Research, 1995; 49:9-19.

Many drugs contain Iodine. Bad Side effects of Iodine containing drugs are usually blamed on the Iodine they contain without ever submitting the hypothesis to a study. Good effects are attributed to the drug. The Thyroid, Werner & Ingbar, Lippincott 2000 316-329.

Amiodarone is an antiarrythmia drug that contains 75 mg Iodine per 200 mg tablet that releases 9mg/day Iodine/day. 20% of users of Amiodarone develop hypothyroidism. It also causes destructive thyroiditis for which large amounts of glucocorticoids are prescribed or occasionally, thyroidectomy. The authors Roti and Vagenatis [The Thyroid above] blame the Iodine for the side effects. Japanese actually consume 13.8 mg Iodine daily and enjoy one of the lowest incidences of hypothyroidism and Iodine deficiency goiter. quart Rev Surg Obstet Gynec, 1960; 17:139-147.

The widely read textbook on Thyroid Werner and Ingbars, The Thyroid, edited by Braveman and Utiger, Lippincott 2000 contains a subsection in which Iodine is identified as a pathogen. Title of the article is Iodine As A Pathogen and daily intake above 500 ?g is considered excess, an amount equal to only 3% of the daily intake in Japan, a country with extremely low female reproductive organ cancers. Int J Cancer 1986, 38:325-329 Japanese mainlanders consume 100 times more Iodine than Americans and coastal Japanese consume higher amounts than the mainlanders.

Thiocyanate is a goitrogen and caused hypothyroidism in rats on regular RDA amounts of Iodine. The effect of the goitrogen was eliminated by increasing the rat Iodine intake to 80 times the RDA. Hormone & Metabolic Res 1995 27:450-454.

When Iodine was used in dough during the sixties one slice of bread a day contained the RDA of 150 ?g and the breast cancer risk was 1:20. The use of Iodine in bread dough was replaced with the goitrogen Bromine based upon ill conceived, reductio absurdum results of lab driven reductionist medical methods. due to stupid medical reductionist thinkingmedical stupidity and the rate of breast cancer has soared to 1:8 and is increasing at 1% a year.

Prescribing thyroid T4 to hypothyroids increases susceptibility to breast cancer. JAMA 1976; 238:1124.

To overcome the effects of goitrogens in the food chain such as Bromine in dough, amounts of Iodine used in Japan would be necessary.? Hormone & Metabolic Res 1995, 27:450-454.

The last common food source for Iodine in the USA is iodized salt and the stupidity of medicine surfaces again as the prestigious J of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism recommends cutting DOWN the amount of Iodine in salt to half the amount now present. The title of the article is Guarding our Nations Thyroid health.

The percentage of thyroidal uptake of Radioactive isotopes of Iodine from nuclear catastrophe is increased in areas of severe endemic goiter reaching levels of 80%. Am J Clin Nutr 1974, 27:96-103.

Iodine protects against uptake of the radioactive isotopes of iodides. The more Iodine consumed in the diet, the lower the percentage of uptake of radioactive isotopes by the thyroid gland. Werner and Ingbars, The Thyroid, edited by Braveman and Utiger, Lippincott 2000, 295-329.

At Iodine RDA levels of 150 ?g, uptake of radioactive Iodine is 20-30% of intake. When Iodine was introduced into bread dough in the sixties the Iodine intake increased 4 to 5 times the RDA and the Iodine uptake was decreased to below 20%. NEJM 1969; 280:1431-1434.

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Not a band-aid, a nutrient by Citingsources   by wombat   13 year


Iodine isn't a bandaid anymore than magnesium is a bandaid. Iodine is an essential nutrient which needs constant replenishing. Once you stop taking it, the deficiency starts to return again and so do any raging symptoms such as breast pain. If you breasts are deficient, then other places in your body which get Iodine after the thyroids, breast and ovaries (pecking order) are also lacking. They just might not be noticable. Sore breasts may be the "canaries in the coal mine" in terms of alerting us there is a body-wide Iodine deficiency.

The deficiency is most likely caused by the bromination of of our food supply via additives and pesticides.

Studies have been done on rodents to look at what happened when researchers first supplemented and then blocked iodine from their diets. The progression of breast disease resumed right where it left off when they started supplementing. According to the studies, this parallels what they saw in women. (see Eskin's work) And it parallels what we've seen in women.

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