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Using MMS with DMSO? I've heard talk of this, but I wonder how the DMSO is used exactly. DMSO is external; MMS is internal--confused!

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What?   by lbs720   10 year 2 of 2 (100%)

What do you mean, who am I working for? I am working for myself, just trying to stay alive. You'd do the same if it were you.
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MMS and DMSO   by LBS720   10 year 3 of 3 (100%)

I have extremely advanced squamous cell skin cancer. It has covered most of my face and at its worst had gone into the ear and then into the brain. (With the small bit of functioning I had left back in January 2009, I was trying to get my final affairs in order and I had already told my boss that I would not be able to work much longer.) In February 2009, after a trip to the Dominican Republic to get some strength from the sunshine and to meet my future son-in-law (since I was not going to live long enough for the wedding) a friend told me about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . He was a bit leary about it, but since I had nothing to lose at that point, he mixed me up some. IMMEDIATELY, I felt like a shock in my brain (where the cancer was) and within minutes the constant confusion and dizziness had STOPPED. It was incredible. I begged him for more the next day and then bought my own bottle and have been taking it ever since. (A year and a quarter later, I am very much still alive and getting stronger every day. It is a very slow healing process, though.)

Anyway, in addition to taking the drops of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement internally 4-5 times per day, sometimes I will also mix 5 drops of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (activated with 5 drops of vinegar) with around 5 drops or so of DMSO and a tiny bit of water and put it right on my face and neck (and arms and legs, too, anywhere I can get a lot of skin to soak it up.) It has a violent reaction when it touches the cancerous parts, but no reaction at all on healthy skin. I look really horrid and my face is in pain for a while after doing this treatment, but with each treatment like that, the cancerous areas get smaller.

I have read that the DMSO will carry the MMS to where it is needed even if I didn't put it directly on the cancerous areas, so maybe it isn't necessary to put it right on the cancer and look like I've got a deadly disease (LOL) for a while. Sometimes, I just want to kill it all and get it over with, so I just do it. I don't know if I would recommend that to anyone else, though.

On a final note about combining the DMSO with the MMS, I have found that the combination is much more powerful than when I put the MMS directly on my face all by itself.

Best wishes to you!
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MMS and DMSO   by micha3   10 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Well I read that some activated drops of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , plus DMSO, mixed together and then rubbed and massaged into the problem zone should help. Do you have any infos?
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Jimmiec   by jimmiec   4 year 1 of 1 (100%)

GREETINGS GOOD NEWS!! TO BECOME AN "EXPERT" ON DMSO, GODS FINEXT MEDS WITH TUMERIC NEXT, I CAN ASSURE YOU CAN USE DMSO OR TUMERIC THE SAME WAY FOR MOST ILLNESSES. DMSO IS LIQUID. PUT A DROP OR TWO ON big TOE AND TASTE IT, GARLICY, OYSTER TASTE IN YOUR MOUTH IN 4-5 SECOND. TUMERIC is a powder so must be mix with water in capsule form or mixed with powder and black pepper which makes it 2000% more bioavailable digetive in stomanh.

Lets discuss DMSO, Re; Dr Stanly Jacobs, the Miracle Drug of the NW. I have used DMSO since 1979 , first for pain, severe burns which did not blister after scalding my hand with hot oil. The next day, several brown sploches, in 4-5 days, all gone. No blisters. Right now I am struggling with Bladder Cancer. Both are the Silver Bullet for Cancer. What do they do? They remove excess inflamation from body. No inflamation. No pain, illness or disease or wound infections. Since Tumeric does not digest well with water, I boil it an improve the healing value 4-5Xs betters. I mix 10 tablespoons of DMSO with the Tumeric , 1 litre. And I drink 2-onuces 2Xs day. In a few minutes your body is filled with DMSO. It is illegal for Drs to use DMSO, tho Vets use it for animals. When a person shows up in ER with gunshot to head, they find DMSO and pour it to the brain which automatically start to shrink back to normal and heal. I suggest you thoughly research both of these products. They will save you Dr bills, prescribtion, and hospital bills. Research them. Garlic, black, red pepper too. jim
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