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Can I Take MMS and Anti-Parasitic medication together? I have been using MMS for almost 5 years to help with Parasites and I have to admit it has been a slow process but I am feeling better. Although I am not out of the woods yet I still have itching and i'm positive I had a few Parasite Cysts that bursted in my body. I have lost 60 pounds since using MMS but I don't know if I use Medication to kill the Parasites and MMS will be effective. The medication alone is expensive and I use MMS in a enema because the taste is awful. Does anyone know if the MMS will make the medication less effective?

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mms and parasites   by lbs720   8 year

I can't imagine how it could interact with your medicine. All it does is make the pH so alkaline that it kills pathogens. At only 2 drops per glass of water, is it still so nasty tasting that you can't stand it? You could also mix up a bunch (30 drops or more) and pour it into your bathwater.
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