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I have a infection in the uturus. Would MMS heal that?

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Got PID   by #173427   6 year

Hi, I also have chronic PID and it has gotten to the stage where it is already Antibiotic resistant because my doctor under dosed me. Ive been to many doctors but no one really seem to help me. I am now using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to kill the pathogens. How are you so far?
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Pid pelvic/ uterus   by #181549   6 year

It sounds like what ever infection you had, may have been long standing, the longer it is left the harder it is to treat. PID can be difficult to treat even after the infection has gone as inflammation and damage may have been done to the fallopian tubes. I have heard Miracle-Mineral-Supplement whether it will treat this condition I can't say. I would wait until the end of your period and if it hasn't cleared then you need to take some action. Why have you not gone back for more Antibiotics ? Sometimes one treatment isn't enough and if you do not complete the course the infection will return. Is it because treatment is expensive where you live? I would sort this out immediately if you are losing weight this is not a good sign. I personally think you need to see a health care professional. Or if you are in the UK I would suggest using an alternative to Antibiotics called Kib500 which is proven to kill viral, bacterial & fungal pathogens. If you took this along with a product called V Gel you would get relief. In the states it is known as first line defence. PID can cause pain for many years as it causes inflammation to surrounding organs. Here is a link with the information on Kib500 and where you can purchase the gel. But try more Antibiotics if after you have tried everything and pain exists enzymatic therapy "protenzyme" will help. search "natures practice on-line pharmacy" on google and you will be able to watch a video about Kib500 and there's a section about PID under the articles section. Take Care x
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Infection in the utirus (PID )to heal with MMS?   by #181522   6 year

Thanks for you reply. Yes the doctor sayed it's PID. She has also given me a
Antibiotic but that was just for one day 5 pills.
As after that I got realy sick.
Her diagnose was that there is to much liquid in the pelvic
And the utirus has a infection.
This has been going on since moth and I'm lost what to do.
By now my emune system is also down.
Now I have been taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement since 4 days.
And something's getting better. Thought its hard to tell as I
Now got my period.
Are you familiar with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ?
Any suggestions ?
Thank you so much.

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Is it PID?   by #181549   6 year

I don't think so, what type of infection have you got? Is it PID? Pelvic Inflammatory disease. If it is it can be treated with an Enzymatic treatment which literally eats inflammation. This along with an Ayurvedic internal treatment gel can help uterus/pelvic inflammation/infection. What has your doctor suggested?
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