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Where to find Jim Humble's official web site?

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I was truly dying........   by ljea   10 year 3 of 3 (100%)

I should have realized not to put my email address in this post. I apologize. I just want to help anyone who has been crippled in life due to parasite infestation. I wish I could read the answers but I've been banned. I do hope my story is taken seriously. It is definitely not my imagination I assure you. I am much, much, much better...but not intirely well, so I wasn't thinking. Again, I apologize. Thank you.

I've been taking Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for 3 and a half weeks. My instincts told me I have parasites...(Drank creek water for a couple of months 15 years ago and got Hepatitis A.) They told me I'd heal on my own. I was ok for several years, then I slowly go sicker untill I ended up on disability. That was 8 years ago. Recently my blood was sent to the Mayo Clinic and doctor said I have Rheumatoid Arthritis . Well, I was seeing things in the toilet so I started researching online about how to get rid of parasites. Doctors said I didn't have them as the tests came back negative. I found out on cure zone that this is common. Also was studying the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement info and found that parasites can cause "arthritis". So all winter I did herbs and I passed some round worms. I could still see evidence of Tapeworm segments in my stool. Enter Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I had read all about it and thought several times, "can't be true"! Still the segments. So I figured MMS was inexpensive enough, why not? So I ordered some.
I started slowly as recommended. At 5 days I was feeling the mental fog lift. I was feeling much better. I'd been barely able to get out of bed to take care of myself. My memory was non existent. I couldn't concentrate and my body aches had been disabling for many years. Terrible insomnia, only able to sleep for 40 minutes at a time, taking 12 hours to get 7 hours un-restorative sleep. On the fifth day I was able to take a walk. That was my first miracle. Then over the next few days I felt better and better, and sleeping. Only getting up once at night. I thanked God. After two weeks the parasites were showing up, dead. I was in utter disbelief and elated. For a whole week after they started showing up, there were more and more. I took pictures. Now the ones that are coming out have been dead a while, parcially decomposed but definitely unmistakable. No more segments in my stool.
A few years ago I had to have a hysterectomy as tumors had shown up. I now believe those were sacs of parasite eggs. I am only up to 8 drops 3 times a day because of nausea and vomitting. But all along I have used the enema protocol to get around that. I think there is still stuff being chipped away at inside me by the MMS. Possibly more "tumors". Who knows, maybe it's killing cancer. I had been that sick.
What I can say, is that there is no hurry. I'll get to the 15 drops 2-3 times a day eventually. For now, slow and steady progress.
I wish I could show Jim Humble what came out of me. One was a foot and a half long, and there were several over 7-8 inches. All dead! (round worms, tapeworms, and pinworms.)
And what I wished for the most, my old life back, is really coming true.
I am 52 years old. I have honestly felt like 80 for at least ten years. My first thoughts were "Oh...this is what it feels like to be 52." Honestly, I have not felt this good since I was 32!. It is no wonder to me that parasite infestations do cause the many diseases that they do.
My pictures top any I could even find on the internet. I hope I can help anyone who needed the help as much as I did.
Thank you Jim Humble, from the bottom of my very grateful heart. Thank you to all those on cure zone that posted your experiences with herbs and MMS. You gave me courage. Thank you.

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Bone cancer   by AKOkie   11 year 3 of 3 (100%)

I have bone cancer. My blood is eating my bones and I have holds in them. I also have fibromylgia and most of the time that hurts more then the cancer. I have dealt with the FM for at 25 years a long time before they named it. Is Miracle-Mineral-Supplement going to help me? I started with one drop and I only felt nauseaed for a short period so I went too two drops and the same thing happened. the next day I took two and then 3 and then 4 by 1PM at the point I took 4 and the 4 hours later I took 4 more. that night my body hurt to bad I could hardly walk is this normal?

Last night I took two but this morning I still hurt maybe not as bad but close. Whatr should I do, and have you had anyone with this type of bone cancer M myloma?

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This is a link to Jim Humble's official web site.   by jfh   12 year 3 of 3 (100%)

And International.

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