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Is MMS a cure for HIV/AIDS? If so what is the recommended dose?

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Hiv   by bachcole   8 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Since I have met a man who was "healed" of HIV, I know that such things are possible. Depending upon mainstream medicine for all of the answers is profoundly mistaken. It is mainstream medicine's position that NO ONE has any answers; only they do.
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Is MMS a cure for hiv/aids? If so,what is the recommended use?   by #77584   12 year 4 of 9 (44%)

Is Miracle-Mineral-Supplement a cure for hiv/aids? If so what is the recommended dose?
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MMS does NOT cure HIV   by mmsdebunked   9 year 1 of 3 (33%)

MMS does NOT cure HIV. After 14 years there is not a single documented or verified case that ANYONE has been cured of HIV.

Jim Humble claims that he has CURED hundreds of people of HIV but he ALSO claims that there is no test which can detect if someone is cured of HIV. This takes about 2 minutes of research on the internet to disprove: There is a test called PCR which is the test used most commonly on donated blood AND it is used on infants born to mothers who have HIV (because babies inherit the antibodies even if they don't inherit the HIV infection). This test detects actual virus, NOT antibodies, so it would detect if someone has been cured of HIV.

After 14 years there is still NOT A SINGLE case of ANYONE coming forward that they've been cured of HIV, even in a testimonial, let alone someone with actual test result. The ONLY person to ever claim that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement has cured HIV is Jim Humble, this claim is not corroborated or verified by anyone else. How can he even claim to know this when he obviously doesn't even know about the tests that would prove it?
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