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Are there dangers for someone who has uncontrollable high blood pressure to take MMS, since it turns to table salt if not attacking viruses, bacteria, etc.?

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There should not be a concern   by SassaFrass88   9 year 0 of 1 (0%)

MMS will not only help to reduce blood pressure (although I do highly agree with the Cayenne Pepper remedy too), but the sodium by-product is so minimal, that it is VERY unlikely to affect your blood-pressure.
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High Blood Pressure   by myhobo   9 year 0 of 2 (0%)

The best known cure for high blood pressure that I have heard of is Cyenne pepper. You buy the small empty capsulls at a pharmacy and fill them with cyenne pepper and take one every morning and every night if needed. This is so that your mouth is not put on fire from the spicy cyenne pepper. Once in the stumic you may feel becoming flush for a bit, but that should go away.

MMS should clean your blood of all the stuff that caused your HBP to begin with so I would think that your good health should return.
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