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H2O2 "food-grade" hoax and the companies that sell it on the internet: I have alarming experience with two companies that are among the sponsored links on the, My question is: Is there such thing as reliable "food-grade" H2O2 internet selling companies, or all the idea behind "food-grade" is a total hoax to profit "the smartest"?

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My Company Is Reliable   by OxygenLynne   12 year

I started The Oxygen Therapy Program after I saw some amazing results from using H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) therapy myself over 3 years ago!

I wanted to share this knowledge with anyone who was in pain or suffering unnecessarily.

I know that a lot of companies claiming to sell a reliable product have sprung up over the past few years and anyone searching is right to be skeptical... but I stand by my company... and so do all the grateful people I have helped over the years.

I would say to anyone, "Do your due diligence." Choosing any alternative therapy is a personal choice so learn all you can about it before starting one.

It doesn't hurt to learn all you can about who you are dealing with on the other end of that internet connection either.

Stay safe out there!
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