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Is there a topical cream anyone can recommend to treat herpes?

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4000 PPM Colloidal Silver will knock it out!   by naturesniff   3 year

100% Natural High PPM Colloidal Silver has done the trick for many others.
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Cream   by Coldazice   7 year

I Know this is going to sound funny. I highly recommend you research Urine therapy for herpes. Best of wishes!
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Is Genital herpes Really Curable?   by Djehuty   11 year

Is Genital herpes Really Curable?

by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra
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WARNING: This article contains mature subject matter and language of a sexual and vulgar content!

First of all, let me correct the language so that it is politically and legally correct. Refrain from using the term "Cure." The term "cure" is patented and owned by the State (federal government and their agents: the fifty states) and is thus heavily regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Therefore, you would be wise to abstain from or refrain from using this term. It does not mean the same thing in health and medical discourse that it does in the ordinary usage of the English language.

The average person may use the term taking it to mean 'to be totally healed' but when the government hears you use this word (especially if you are a healer, herbalist, or alternative health practitioner), they (FDA) will interpret it as you dealing with drugs (pharmaceutical drugs, medication) in an attempt to heal the human body which could never happen in the first place as the human body is not made up of drugs (inorganic substances), so it's really unwise to use pharmaceutical drugs to attempt to heal the human body of an adverse health condition.

History records plants (trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses) as being used to help heal adverse health conditions. Even sacred scripture records plants as medicine and for purposes of healing:

"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and her for the service of man." Psalm 104:14

"...and the fruit shall thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine." Ezekiel 47:12

"...and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2

Now how can you be a religious adherent (Christian, Muslim, or Jew) or Bible thumper and take (believe) the Bible as the word of God and divine revelation (if you in fact do) and turn around and pop (consume) man-made pharmaceutical drugs in the form of prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs? I humbly submit that you're either ignorant or hypocritical.

You don't need a prescription from man to consume edible plants like you o for drugs. The reason why you need a prescription from a doctor is because you are being sent to purchase and consume POISON! That's right, POISON! Now how in the hell do you expect to heal the body by taking poison? This is insanity! Millions of Americans regardless of occupation, status, wealth, money, fame, and fortune are outright insane and we could add suicidal. You can kill yourself taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Look what happened with actors Heath Ledger (of "The Dark Knight" fame) and Dana Plato (1970's child star, 'Different Strokes")!

On the surface (official story) even Bruce Lee's death was attributed to a drug (Equagesic) that caused his brain to swell resulting in cerebral edema.

Folks, drugs are DANGEROUS! These things are toxic and poisonous and pollute the entire body. How can you seriously think to heal the body by poisoning it?

If you give a well or healthy person poison they will get sick. So how can you give poison to a sick person and expect to make the sick person well or healthy? This is favorite maxim of my good friend and fellow herbalist, Tim Morrow, of the University of Common Sense in Lawndale, California and I must admit it does get a person with at least a half functioning brain to think.

Historically, people have been using plants as medicine, especially the leaves of plants. The leaves are said to be for medicine (Ezekiel 47:12) and the healing of the nations (Revelation) for sound reason because it is the leaves of a plant that synthesizes nutrients by means of photosynethesis using the green pigment chlorophyll (which is basically liquid sunlight).

Leaves contain nutrients and so do the roots of plants because it is the roots of plants whereby water and inorganic substances are absorbed and also converted into nutrients as well though lacking chlorophyll like the leaves. But there's a scientific reason for the medicinal value of leaves as medicine. We have had access to plants long before having access to hospitals. If plants worked as medicine 4,000 years ago they'll also work today as medicine and they do! There were no hospitals 4,000 years let alone 400 years ago. So how were people treating and healing so-called 'diseases'?

The term "cure" ties into the term "disease" which is why we should also stop using the word 'disease' pertaining to health matters and should substitute the term with: 'health challenge,' 'health crisis,' and/or 'adverse health condition." These terms are best and more importantly, politically and legally correct. Please remember this!

If you are not correct in your language or terminology, a natural substance (such as an herb) can become a regulated drug by the FDA via 'word sorcery' or 'word magic.' For instance, if you claim your natural substance (product) can or is used to diagnose, mitigate, treat, prevent, or cure a disease, the natural substance magically becomes a 'drug' and is now therefore regulated and actually owned by the federal government.

The above constitutes the reasons why Dherbs.Com compounds are not promoted to diagnose, mitigate, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. We don't even mention specific diseases on our site (unless using quotes or to educate via articles) as all diseases are patented, trademarked and owned by the federal government and regulated by the federal FDA. Why would Dherbs.Com and myself willfully commit copyright infringement or mess with another's property, especially when I am very legally astute?

I study law like theologians study the Bible! Why? Because I reside here in the U.S. and I know law controls the land and the behavior of the citizens. So I study the Code of Federal Regulations, the United States Code, the Internal Revenue Code, American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum, and the California codes (especially the Vehicle Code, Penal Code, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Family Code, Revenue and Taxation Code, and Health and Safety Code) as well as the state and federal constitutions and case-decisional laws or legal precedents (United States Reporter, California Reporter, etc.).

The ultimate language here in the U.S. is the language of law. And yes, law is very complicated but it's complicated on purpose. Do you think these code writers make the law (statutory law: policies, ordinances, rules, etc.) complex by accident? Hell no! They know what they are doing. It's no accident that the laws are written in more complex language while at a time people are dumber than ever here in the U.S., speaking, writing, and comprehending on a second grade elementary level.

The laws are more complex at a time most U.S. citizens don't even like to read. If you don't like reading, you damn sure ain't going to crack open a law book and try to read it. So if you don't know what the laws of the land are, you are at the mercy of the State and the people who do know what the laws are, like judges, prosecutors, and attorneys. Actually, judges and prosecutors are both attorneys.

You can't be ignorant any longer here in the U.S. under the implemented New World Order. You'll be an outright slave and violated. Words are important here in this land. You are controlled by words, especially ones you don't understand. Language itself is complex in this land (Matrix).

"Drive" doesn't mean "drive," "person" doesn't mean "person," "traffic" doesn't mean "traffic," and "income" doesn't mean "income" every time or in every situation or circumstance as they are used in the ordinary course of the English language by the average person or layman.

Enter into any courtroom in the U.S. and you'll find this out. Venue and jurisdiction changes the meaning of words. I'm going to end here on this subject matter but I will emphatically state: you better learn the basics of law if you are going to remain here in the U.S. Law is not just for lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. I purposely didn't mention cops or police officers because technically they are not trained in the law, but are trained in criminal procedure and code enforcement. Procedure is not law and code enforcement also is not law but is also procedure. Technically, all police officers or public officials are code enforcement officers and not law enforcement officers. These individuals violate real law (constitutional) everyday via code enforcement and criminal procedure. But hey, the American people allow it. Like is said: "if you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any." Period!

Now what does all of the above have to do with "Is genital herpes curable?"

Legally and politically, you can't say genital herpes is curable. Government owns the term "genital herpes" and "curable." You can get away with using the term "genital herpes" due to describing a condition but you can't get away with using the word "cure" in relation to a disease, especially if healing occurred. If a person is healed, don't say the person was "cured," simply say the person was healed.

Now here is the biggest flaw I hear from so many people who contact me and Dherbs.Com about genital herpes: they always ask for a product to cure the genital herpes, and this is very flawed thinking and understanding. I'm talking about hundreds of people (who represent thousands of people who in turn represent millions of people).

They will either ask: "Can herpes really be cured?" "What can I take to cure herpes?" "What product do you sell to cure herpes?"

These are all flawed inquiries and of course these individuals miss the point and badly and of course this is due to lack of understanding.

You see: no product can heal you of any condition. Nothing outside of self can heal you. NOTHING! Not even God's great herbs. Why? Because this would take power outside of yourself and place it in something external and it doesn't matter if that something external is natural such as an herb.

My foregoing words do not contradict the Bible quotes supra. Herbs only play a part in the total scheme of healing. You can't take herbs and still eat horrible and think you are going to arrive at healing or health. It doesn't work this way. You can't take herbs and have a defeated mindset (i.e. "Herpes is incurable") and think you are going to arrive at healing. It doesn't work like this.

You have to understand the law of cause and effect. You can't heal herpes with herbs solely because you didn't take herbs to contract herpes. To heal from a thing you must do the reverse in wholistic fashion of what you did to first develop the thing (health challenge, pathology).

You contracted genital herpes because of your thought process, attitude, emotional state, diet, and lifestyle. Let's break it down for purposes of full comprehension.


Your thought process played a role in the contracting of genital herpes because you thought about sex under unhealthy circumstances or the wrong circumstances and with an unhealthy person or the wrong person. You thought you could cheat on your mate and get away with it. You thought you could have a one-night stand and there would be no consequences from the act whatsoever. You thought you could have sex with a stranger absent a condom and everything would be okay. You thought you could have sex with this new person whom you wanted to trust. You thought you could have sex with someone (whom you really didn't know well) to get back at your cheating mate for purposes of revenge to make yourself feel justified and even!

You repetitiously thought about not wanting to catch a disease such as herpes or AIDS, or, you had repetitious fearful thoughts about catching a disease while in the sex act.

You see, thought plays a role in contracting herpes. Before you did the act (sex), you thought first. Perhaps not about the right thing(s), but you did think. Call it random thinking or thoughts or thinking by default. The truth of the matter is: we are always thinking, though most are redundant and unhealthy thoughts that sooner or later manifest themselves according to higher law. What you think about constantly, you magnify and attract the physical manifestation unto yourself. The same with fear! What you fear will appear. You will always attract your fears.

This is why I constantly say you must change your thinking and thoughts to heal from genital herpes and every other health challenge or so-called disease. Thought precedes everything!

Do you now see how your thoughts and your thinking played a role in contracting herpes?


Your attitude was one of:

"All women or females ain't nothin' but bitches and hoes and are only worth a f***!"

"They're only good for sex!"

"Men ain't nothin' but dogs!"

"A man can't do nothing for me but give me some good dick and then bounce!"

"He's cute and look good so I'm gonna let him hit it!"

"She's fine as hell so I'm going to hit those skins!"

"Man, I just wanna f***, you know? Bust a nut and then bounce! I'm not trying to be with that gold-diggin' bitch!"

"Dude, I want some pussy tonight - let's go find some hoes!"

"Let's go to the club tonight and see if we can find some skins to hit."

"He seems real cool so I don't think he has anything (health challenge/STD) so a condom won't be necessary."

"I trust you so it's okay if you want to go bareback (no condom)!"

Do you see from all of the above how your attitude plays a role in contracting genital herpes? This is why you must change your attitude (to a healthy one).


Your emotions played a role in contracting genital herpes because you had sex predicated upon emotion. You felt lonely and decided to have sex. You wanted to feel loved (even by a stranger or someone you just met) and thus had sex. You hung out with the person and had a good time and thus decided to have sex before the day was over with. You were hot and horny or had the fever or just straight up lustful and decided to have sex.

The particular person made you feel good (messed with your mind and heart) and so you decided to have sex. You felt low in self-worth, esteem, and value and decided to have sex. You felt hurt and betrayed by your mate who cheated on you or perhaps showed no interest in you sexually and therefore decided to have sex outside of your union or relationship. You were mad or angry with your mate and decided to have sex with someone outside of the union for purposes of revenge.

Do you see from all of the above how your emotional state plays a role in contracting genital herpes?


Your diet plays a role in contracting genital herpes because what you eat, good or bad, affects you, especially your brain and thus your mind. Meat consumption lowers one's vibration. In the U.S., we correlate meat with the female. Don't many of us refer to women (and some men) as a "piece of meat?" There was an old school saying that went: "Pussy ain't nothing but meat on a bone, you f*** it and then leave it alone!"

We eat mostly female animals for meat (save sheep or lamb). We order fried chicken based upon common female body parts of male attraction: breasts, legs, and thighs. If fried chicken booty was sold, we'd eat that too because a big booty is a serious male attraction. And you know what males would do if fried chicken vagina was available. They'd even come to believe that eating chicken vagina helps you to perform cunnilingus on a woman better.

We have all types of sexual urban legends here in the U.S. such as: "eating coochie (performing cunnilingus) makes you grow a mustache;" "swallowing sperm gives you protein;" "performing anal sex causes a woman's butt to get bigger;" "having sex palliates a woman's menstrual cramps during that time of the month;" and all kinds of other sexual urban legends. Where they come from? I don't know!

Okay, back to diet: you consumed some alcohol, too much of it, and became inebriated and let your guard down and had sex, perhaps with a stranger, someone you met at the club.

You smoked some weed and became high (out of your mind) and decided to have sex with someone (whom in a sober state you would not have had sex with).

You went to the club and drank a bunch of cocktails spiked with herbal aphrodisiacs that got you hot and horny or that sexually stimulated you so you took a complete attractive and sexy stranger home or to the motel to satisfy the urge.

Do you see from all of the above how diet plays a role in contracting genital herpes? Diet means what you consume or take into your body.


Your lifestyle is one of being a player, a mack, a gigalo, gold-digger, hoe, etc. and so you have sex for lower vibrational reasons, especially money (which you spend faster than you make), ego, and short-term gratification.

You roll up and down the boulevard on certain nights looking for a piece of ass for sale from some sleazy slut or nightwalker and patronize the ones of your choice. You go club-hopping every chance you get or every weekend.

You're sexually promiscuous and have no problem in engaging in casual sex with friends (whom you have no idea of what they are doing when not in your presence). Your very lifestyle is one predicated upon free-for-all and casual sex with many partners and mates and then you wonder why you contracted genital herpes.

"But Djehuty, the person who gave me herpes was the first person I ever slept (had sex) with." Or, "I was raped and the person who raped me gave me herpes." And? Well, not to sound so harsh (I do have a heart), but, now you must look to higher causes and explanations because there are no accidents here on earth. Everything happens for a reason. There's a lesson to be derived from everything. After you all, you chose your life's events before incarnating. That's right! You wrote your life scriipt for this present life.

Reference the following:

"So we choose to come here, as rarely or as often as we feel the need, and we choose what we're interested in learning and working on this time around. And just as we would never head off to college without deciding which college would serve us best, what courses we'll need, where we should live and with whom and countless other details to give ourselves the best odds up-front of what we want to accomplish, we wouldn't dream of coming to earth unprepared. And so before we come here, we write our chart. It's an understatement to call them "detailed." From the broadstrokes to the most trivial moments, we leave nothing to chance in pursuit of our goals. I don't know any one, including myself, who can imagine having deliberately chosen some of the unpleasantness, ugliness and tragedy in his/her life. But let me just remind you, and myself, again: We write our charts in preparation for coming to a very rough boarding school, so the charts themselves are bound to be filled with difficult challenges and lessons learned the hard way. If what we were in search of was a happy, carefree, perfect life, we'd stay Home." - Sylvia Browne

And further,

"Our charts include our intended purpose, a/k/a our Life Theme; our most difficult obstacle, a/k/a our Option Line; our plans for how and when to return to the Other Side, a/k/a our Exit Points; and the animal spirit we bring along to join our Spirit Guide and our Angels in watching over us throughout our time on earth, a/k/a/ our Totem. Those are the generalities, the engines that will keep us moving forward. We then begin the painstaking task of choosing each and every fine point of the journey. To name a few: * We choose our parents, siblings and every other family member, * We choose every aspect of our physical appearance, from hair, skin and eye color to body type to height to weight, including major and minor gains and losses, to any distinctive markings, peculiarities and disfigurement. * We choose our friends, our lovers, our spouses, our children, our bosses and co-workers, our casual acquaintances, even our pets. * We choose the enemies, no matter how well disguised, we'll meet along the way, and the sociopaths, a/k/a the Dark Side. * We choose the cities, the neighborhoods and the houses we'll live in. * We choose our preferences, our weaknesses, our flaws, our sense of humor or lack of one, our skills and talents and our areas of incompetence. * We choose every minor injury and major illness we'll experience. * We choose our hobbies, our interests, our passions and the quirks that no one else knows about us. And so on, so on, and so on, including every important and trivial moment of the lifetime that lies ahead." Ibid

And lastly,

"One of the most common fallacies about the chart when the concept of them first comes up is that we arrive on earth with no free will. Actually, we come here with countless choices surrounding every detail. If it's in your chart to catch a cold when you're four years old, it's up to you whether you'll stay in bed and get over it or let it develop into pneumonia, ... When a Dark Entity shows up as dictated in your chart, it's your choice whether to walk away, get involved and let it destroy you and get involved and learn to keep your distance next time. A charted life is absolutely a life full of options, and proof that our lives aren't measured by what we're confronted with, but by how we deal with what we're confronted with." Ibid

Did the above help you to understand your situation with genital herpes and how and why you contracted it? As I always say, "we choose everything that happens to us." And based upon the quote from Sylvia Browne, I'm not the only one who holds this view or concept.

It's a little difficult to write what your particular lessons may be pertaining to genital herpes as every person and every case is different but I do specialize in helping people decode their life lessons and missions by way of private consultations, in-person or via telephone.

For myself personally, I had to overcome many health challenges in my early life but now I know why my early life was so full of health challenges: clearly for my life purpose of being a healer (actually, healing assistant as only God and the human mind-body heals).

I now know why I got involved with sovereignty: to learn and master man-made law so as to arrive at dealing with and living by universal or higher law. Everything my life makes so much sense. I totally love life!

I know why I decided to grow up in South Central Los Angeles and amongst gang-bangers; why I and my family experienced poverty; why I experienced witnessing so much death, why I witnessed so much injustice (Black on Black, White on Black), etc. It all makes so much sense to me and my life gotten easier. I live a life of ease doing what I know I came here to do.

You too came here for a specific life purpose. You too wrote a chart. So there is meaning to your life. Think on a higher level. You didn't choose some incurable disease called herpes to be defeated. It only offers you a lesson, one you chose in advance, so it can't be incurable. That's like saying there exists a problem whereby there is no solution or a question whereby there is no answer.

Genital herpes is 100% healeable! But you have to make drastic and serious changes. It's more than taking herbs! It's more than just performing the Full Body Detox and/or the Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen!

As shown above, you have to change your life: your thoughts, attitude, emotions, diet, lifestyle and even your environment if necessary! You have some serious work ahead of you. You wouldn't even be into health, spirituality, and the other things you are now into at or all or perhaps to the present degree had you not contracted genital herpes in the first place. Had you not contracted genital herpes you wouldn't have performed searches for a cure or help for herpes on the Inter-net which led you to Dherbs.Com, which offered you a plethora of fascinating and interesting subjects that stimulated your thought process and perhaps motivated and inspired you to do better in life and to know that 100% healing for herpes was even possible.

You were looking for health information and got more than you bargained for.

Is genital herpes curable (healable)? You bet it is! But the healing is wholistic. It does not come from a bottle. The healing comes from making the necessary life changes in the areas of thought, attitude, diet, lifestyle, and in some cases, environment.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of Dherbs.Com and Djehuty Ma'at-Ra.

Additional articles by Djehuty @

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Herpes   by silvermadesimple   11 year

Try Emu oil, it usually works for healing almost anything on the skin! Also the sludge (leftover from making herbal teas) has been used to heal anything from skin cancers to age spots!
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why a topical cream?   by kauffman   12 year


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