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Re: A hypocrite w/ an excuse IS a HYPOCRITE
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  • Re: Ignorant Troll - debates are the... 2Sirius  14 years ago  4,451  


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    Ah poor corrie girl ! You just don't seem to get that the joke is on you! You have so little effect here and your influence so minute its funny to watch you fooling yourself! Just a self indulgent m*o*o*n pissing in the wind! And what a bore ,too bad you lost your posting privileges in the real world and can only post in the designated troll forums!
  • Re: Mr. Hypocrite: We need you 2Sirius  14 years ago  4,474  


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    Why should I care what you think! Any sleezy person that promotes toxic death jabs for infants and children is not worthy of any considerations! Only an developmentally retarded brain could absorb the propaganda that allows people to inject toxic substances in to their children, a sick and disgusting concept!
  • Webmaster rules for old versus new m... #76129  14 years ago  4,666  


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    From the CureZone rules and guidelines for moderators:

    Old Posters / New Posters

    You can not treat the same way old users (somone who has been on CureZone for many months/years) and new users (someone who just came yesterday and have posted 3 messages altogether)

    You have to be ready to forgive more to those who have a long history on CureZone, while you can be more strict toward those who just posted a single message, be ready to warn them in case they breach TOS / Guidelines.

    The Curezone member known as DQ outside his private forum is now also a public forum moderator.

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