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What's wrong with my body?! Answers Greatly Appreciated
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    It's hard to say. Look into Crohn's disease. Sounds a little like that. You may have some endocrine issues. See an endocrinologist.
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    There are some people who are sensitive to grains - I am one. I can have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and be so hungry all day! Try going off all grains for 30 days - hard? Yes! But doable! My diet is protein and vegetables. I don't drink milk but I have eggs, cottage, regular cheese and butter. If you want to have vegetable protein rather than meat, that's okay--the idea is to avoid grains. You will see a big improvement in your sinuses. As a vegetarian, you are getting a lot of grains. I had to quit being a vegetarian for that same reason. Acne can bbe caused by fungus, which grains and sweets feed. If you tend to athlete's foot, jock itch, or your stool has a very strong smell, for sure you can suspect fungus.

    You are young and you have a fast metabolism. Usually when you are thirty, the same diet will cause you to gain weight.

    But I want you to think about one thing--you want advice, but you do not want to change your diet. How's that working for you?
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    Clean out your body of all that is making it sick. Paraistes to begin with, then their debris that has accumulated in your liver and backed it up so you have problems with hormones and toxins coming out of your skin.
    Go to:
    Get his CD and book, read it, understand it, then clean out your liver and colon and see your problems disappear. This takes some time, but is worth it. I considered my situation "terminal" when I started his program. I am alive now, practically well and going to make it for a long time. Doing the cleaning out process is once in a lifetime. The rest is maintenance. Try it and see what it can do for you. I am a survivor and know it works.
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    RE: the acne
    Your dilemma describes my experience. After many years, one dermatologist suggested since all skin meds, ointments, etc. failed that my liver may be to blame. I learned my skin problems were actually due to liver congestion. I got tested and was shocked to learn that my liver enzymes were 7-8 times the norm.

    I've tried several Liver Cleanses ( Hulda Clark protocol) and it helped remarkably with the Acne issue (not to mention I passed several hundred stones--all pain free). Liver tests are now normal. Now I can go about a year between cleanses. When Acne flair-ups start, I know that it is time for another liver cleanse.

    I have also done The Master Cleanse which has helped with overall health. Prior to this, I needed to eat every 2-3 hours or did not feel right (excess hunger or no hunger at all).

    Drinking 1/2 your body weight in water is great for skin, digestion, hunger pangs, etc.

    Since you are vegan, it doesn't sound like you consume milk. That would have been my guess regarding the mucus/congestion.

    I'm glad you found Cure Zone.

    Be well,



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