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Re: Instant recovery?
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  • Re: PLEASE Help with Replacement Dec... freespirit44  13 years ago  5,884  


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    Hi - I read your information. I have been on a LONG quest for a replacement material. You might try Holistore - Dr. Douglas Cook, Suring, WI. He is a purist.

    Interestingly, I had made the choice to use Diamond Crown in a dental revision. I had some bad and botched replacement materials after mercury fillings. Now today I 'mouth tested' a chunk of Diamond Crown material that came from a lab. I have a BURNING and COOLING affect in my mouth after doing so for about 1/2 hour. Now it has been about 1 hour since taking out of my mouth and the burning is still there.

    I know what you mean about the company who makes Diamond -- DRM Labs, Dr. Wauknine. I called there and they have not been helpful at all. They say it is all 'proprietary'. Dr. Huggins uses Diamond exclusively in his Colorado office. I have made the decision today NOT to use diamond as it did burn. All is not lost though. Try Dr. Cook or Dr. Aquilera in Los Angeles. I am going to call Dr. Aquilera tomorrow. I did not want to continue on with Dr. Cook's material as it has no metal in it and is NOT natural looking. It is called Belleglass. It was compatible for me and maybe you can use it.

    I did some real sleuthing and I called many professionals. I FINALLY did get what I consider a bonified answer to whether Diamond products have Barium (which IS toxic) and this one contact said it does NOT and that he spoke directly with the inventor. Take that info for what it is worth as I did not speak directly to the inventor myself.

    It is such a Conspiracy of secrets, it seems. This does not help us.



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