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Politics Forum # 1 [Archive] War, Democracy, Terrorism, Saddam, Bush?
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International Politics Forum - forum for discussion on all issues of International Politics and Globalization Rules that apply for this forum: What is allowed? - Civilized arguments - Civilized debate - expressing your opinion, both negative and/or positive, about public figures of international politics like: Osama, Saddam, Clinton, Blair, Bush, Powell, Arafat ... just to name a few... - expressing your opinion, both negative and/or positive, about the politics and history of any country of the world, including but not limiting to: Iraq, Iran, Korea, USA, UK, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Panama, Mexico... just to name a few... - "verbally attacking" public figures, as long as they are not posting messages in this forum What is NOT allowed: - verbally attacking curezone members who post messages in this forum, even if they are public figures! - name calling, personal attacks, use of 4 letter words - flaming and flame wars If you can't control your anger, and if you can't keep this forum free from name calling, do not post here, or we will have to block your access to curezone forums.

Few suggested subjects of discussion: - Terrorism, Globalisation, War - Israel <> Palestina - Iraq, Why war? Who needs war? Who benefits from war? Who sells war? How to sell war to people? Who benefits after war? - George Bush, Saddam Hussein (Sadam Hussein), Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair, - War on Terror, Mind Control, Bildeberg Group, Freemasons, masons - Problems - Solution, Preemptive War, Terrorism, World Trade Center disaster, Patriotism - Human Rights, Freedom - Oil issues, money issues, Ecology, ... This forum is edited; inappropriate language (Flaming) will not be tolerated.

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