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Edgar Cayce’s Readings & Remedies Support Forum
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Edgar Cayce's Readings & Remedies Forum

Ask questions, suggest remedies, ask for support and offer support ...

Share with us your experience, or your dissapointment with Edgar Cayce's Readings & Remedies ...
Suggest a Good Book on Edgar Cayce's Readings , or share with us excerpts from your favourite books ...

Edgar Cayce, born in 1877 in rural Kentucky and educated only through the eighth grade, is known as one of the greatest healers of our time. In a trance so deep that he was twice declared clinically dead, Cayce prescribed treatments combining innovative technology with holistic medicine that resulted in full cures more than 90 percent of the time. Cayce could perform readings without even being in the presence of patients--he simply needed to know their names. From this "sleeping" state, he could also preview the future and describe the past, as well as converse in any language. He advised housewives, corporate executives, Harry Houdini, Ernest Hemmingway's mother (on the topic of her son), and secretly (it is believed) President Woodrow Wilson. Even Marilyn Monroe used his beauty advise.

The ground-breaking information Cayce provided on health food, natural medicines, reincarnation, dreams, and the healing power of the human body have spawned entire industries. He founded a university devoted to psychic research. He built the first hospital devoted exclusively to alternative medicine. And his teachings while in trance would become an inspiration to public figures from Albert Einstein to John Lennon to Steven Spielberg.

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