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A forum dedicated to discussion and support on Oil Swishing also called Oil Pulling.

How to do it?

Measure one table spoon of any available edible oil; refined, cold pressed or expeller pressed - preferably organic, (sesame & sunflower are the preferred types...If you are allergic to a particular brand of oil, change the brand of oil or the oil itself to different oil.) put it in your mouth and swish it, wash and suck the oil inside the mouth like using a mouthwash.

WARNING! Never gargle or swallow the oil. Pull the oil through the teeth often and this oil will pull all the toxins from your body through saliva.

How long?

This process has to be carried out for at least ten minutes, preferably for fifteen to twenty minutes or till the oil becomes a thin white foam.

When to do?

Oil-pulling has to be done early in the morning on empty stomach before brushing the teeth for best results. It can be done twice or thrice in a day initially for quick results.

Precautions, if any?

One should never swallow the foamy substance because it contains toxins, germs and harmful bacteria drawn out of the blood.
Wash your mouth thoroughly and brush it as usual after spitting the foam.

Brisk walk for thirty minutes daily and sufficient intake of Water in regular intervals in a day are essential for curing any ailments.

Who can benefit from Oil-pulling?

Stories from those who cured _______:

Any one from young to old can start on this therapy. It is more beneficial for curing colds, cough, eczema, asthma, digestive problems, chronic head-ache, pimples, cracking of feet etc.

Other reported benefits and a more thorough description can be read here:

  Oil Pulling Survey 111

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