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Re: To all concerned..
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: To all concerned..


I mean no ill will towards you. I just wanted to share my perspective, which you and others may or may not agree with.

I have seen very little of others harassing you. I am seeing you harassing others though. I have seen others make reasonable comments following your posts, and just because you didn’t like some of the messages that followed, you accused them of harassment and being trolls.

Torrie, you need to consider whether some of these slanderous accusations (as you call them) about you and Dr Morales have truth behind them, and the reasoning behind why some posters are saying what they’ve been saying.

The main accusation as I’ve seen it is that you continued to recommend and send many people to Dr Morales, even when you already knew he was putting others in danger and that he was unstable because of drug use, and you did this purely for personal financial gain. And that the only reason you stopped sending people to him, was because he stopped paying you.

No one will ever know the depth of truth that you and Dr Morales share. I am not accusing you of anything. I have no idea what the truth is.

You have every right to present your side of the story, but it doesn’t support you when what normally follows is you name calling and throwing tantrums like a spoilt child who didn’t get her candy. Blaming others and acting as one who has been victimised, when that rarely happens only discredits you.

Curezone and its posters are not yours to manipulate.

I am absolutely flawed by Dusan's generosity and leniency towards you. You were banned by Dusan not that long ago. You abused all your privileges of posting on Curezone. You harassed and screamed at many moderators. You have taken up more moderator time than any other poster I am aware of. And because of help from another poster, who you’ve since fallen out with, Dusan kindly allowed you back in.

If you’re leaving, leave. If you’re staying, stay. But if you stay, consider Curezone as a community for all posters to have a right to their own opinions, be they truthful or flawed. If you can’t handle what others have to say, then don’t go there. We all have that choice.

But if you do go there, consider that negative comments about you and your behaviour may be true, even though you don’t like to hear them, because it spoils the illusion of who you think you are.

I have learnt more about myself from my critics. I am actually grateful for comments made about me that burst my ego, because when I allow myself to go there, go inside, I more than often find that there is some truth to what others say about me. By remaining open, it gives me a chance to see what I didn’t want to see about myself and then change my thinking and behaviour and hopefully turn out to be a better person.

Curezone is great in that way. No one can hide their mistakes, other posters see them. Some will make comments about them. People remember. I have made some very poor judgements and have been slammed for them on many occasions. I hold no negative thoughts to any of those posters, because, in their own way, they have helped me more than others who side with me.

Our *enemies* are our best friends, they speak the truth (even if from their own perspective) because they are not seeking our love, approval or acceptance. That makes them powerful as tools for personal growth. Opportunities present themselves in strange disguises.

Torrie, I sincerely hope you take a good break from Curezone, take stock of what’s been happening, and then come back renewed.

I wish you Peace


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