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Re: What is the Huggins clinic that costs 5200$?

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: What is the Huggins clinic that costs 5200$?

Roky, I was just on the phone with them yesterday at the main office in Colorado and was asking them about that.  In Tijuana they don't require it anymore at their Huggins Clinic, but they have it for those who want it.  I think it is fine for those who can afford it.  They call it 8-Day Biochemistry and Dental Revision Clinic (The Huggins' Protocol Clinic).  When I first began working down here, the fee was $4600.  The receptionist at the Huggins Clinic also told me about the Huggins Bio-Nutritional Guide for $560 and the Huggins Pre-removal pamphlet for $29.95 I believe, which they sell from their office in Colorado.

Bio-Nutritional Guide (70-page report)

The Bio-Nutritional Guide provides a hand-holding step-by-step outline to successfully guide your treatment of total dental revision following the multi-disciplined Protocol recommended by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS, recognized expert in dental toxicology. Results of your blood test, hair analysis, and answers to an extensive personal questionnaire are evaluated by a specialized computer program to generate a personalized 70-page report. This report provides a comprehensive guide to immune stimulation through nutrition and detoxification accompanying dental Amalgam removal. Price includes initial nutritional supplements and a 15 minute consultation with trained office staff.


8-Day Residential Biochemistry and Dental Revision Clinic

This 8-day intensive treatment is based on over 30-years of research by Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, referred to as the father of a holistic dentistry or amalgam-free dentistry.  This Clinic, developed by Dr. Huggins, offers comprehensive scientific analysis, treatment, and information to support a life-changing improvement in the health and immune function of participants.

During the program various analytical tests of hair and the blood will develop a comprehensive body chemistry profile for each participant.  When combined with lifestyle data, these test results are the basis for a personalized treatment protocol.  Next, dental revisions and nutrient supplementation are implemented to remove toxic stressors to the immune system and aid in the rebalancing the body’s chemistry.  Massage, acupuncture, and IV treatments with Vitamin C further assist in the healing and detoxification process.  Finally, individualized consultations and group lectures provide support for a lasting change in lifestyle that will prevent future health problems.

Our multi-disciplined team of medical doctors and health practitioners are specially trained to facilitate the Huggins protocol.  In fact, American Bio-Dental Center is one of only a few facilities in the world certified by Dr. Huggins to offer his complete protocol. 

Program Content

• Over 18 hours of nutritional counseling based on evaluations of the blood chemistry test, hair analysis, CBC, and lifestyle

• Development of a personal treatment plan

• Development of an individualized detoxification program

• Full access to the nutritional education and video library

• Two therapeutic massages

• Two acupressure treatments (to provide electrical realignment of the body)

• Two blood tests including CBC

• Two IV treatments with Vitamin C (one for protection during the dental procedure and one after dental revision to facilitate healing

• An initial supply of Matrix™ supplements designed according to the participant’s specific needs

Total treatment time in most cases is 8 days (not including travel time, etc.).

Pre-Arrival Testing

The Hair Analysis Test takes about two weeks to complete, so a kit for this test will be enclosed with your confirmation letter once we receive your Clinic fee.  If you have a recent hair analysis (within 4 months), you should send it directly to Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS, Matrix, Inc., 5082 List Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80919. 

A Serum Biocompatibility Test will determine the best selection of dental materials non-toxic to your immune system.  Some of the replacements dental materials can be almost as challenging to your immune system as the original Amalgam (mercury) fillings.  This also requires two weeks to complete after you have sent your blood sample to Scientific Health Solutions at 1621 N Circle Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80909.  You will pay Scientific Health Solutions directly for this test (about $250).  You can reach them at 800-331-2303.  

Panoramic X-Rays can be taken at a local dentist and mailed to American Bio-Dental.


Patients are encouraged to bring a caregiver to provide assistance during the first 4 days of their program.  Caregivers should be individuals who offer emotional support for the patient.  Our experience shows that relieving the patient of the responsibility of transportation, clothing selection, food selection and preparation as well as keeping track of appointments, greatly enhances the healing process.  Caregivers (who are not patients) may attend the 18-hours of educational classes and view the educational videos with the patient for an additional fee.  This discounted fee will not include chemistry interpretations, nutritional advice, acupressure, dentistry or any other services for the caregiver.  We allow audio taping for personal use, but not video recording.

Using IV Conscious Sedation

Over the past ten years, the greatest advance in this multi-disciplined system has been the use of intravenous Conscious Sedation.  A qualified anesthesiologist administers the sedation to assure compliance with all medical and safety standards.  Side effects are rare and the benefits are wonderful.  The perceived notion of time compression and the vague recollection of details allow the patient to be aware and conscious of the procedure but not sensitive to it.  It is important to point out that when local anesthetics are used, a maximum 2-hour limit must be applied to avoid suppressing the immune system.  Such term limit does not apply to IV Conscious Sedation; which, in 95% of all cases, allows the initial removal of old dentistry (crowns, root canal, filling, cleaning) in one extended appointment.  Less local anesthetic is required with IV Conscious Sedation.  The next day the immune system excels with the absence of toxic materials, leaving the patients frequently feeling better than they have in years.  Less post-operative pain medication is required as well, further eliminating stress on the immune system.

The Schedule

You will have a full schedule between treatments, consultations, and classes.  Of course, your personal regimen will be varied according to your specific needs.  Not every participant will be doing the same activity each day.

Day 1:  (Sundays may or may not be counted in these days.)  You will come to the dental office about 8 AM for the first blood draw.  You will then have breakfast and return to the dental office for dental examination, X-rays, electrical readings on dental materials, and impressions (if temporary partials are to be constructed).  You will fill out a lengthy questionnaire and have your initial consultation with one of the doctors to outline your cares, concerns and expectations.  Later in the day, you will discuss choices of dental plans with the dental staff including time requirements and costs.  Massage will be scheduled later in the day or that evening.  This mobilizes ionic calcium and better prepares the body for healing after oral surgery for cavitations, dead teeth, etc.

Day 2-4:  One of the first few days of your program, you will undergo a total dental revision.  Your schedule will include your dental treatment under IV conscious sedation with the addition of an IV Vitamin C treatment (IVC).  Acupressure is applied immediately afterward when possible.  Post-operative instructions are reviewed with the caregiver, who will view a videotape of what your needs will be.

Day 3-5:  The day following your dental work is your choice. Should be a day for R&R, but many patients feel ready to begin the education classes.  No exercise or sightseeing. Simply rest and take it easy.  Let the healing begin without interference.

Days 4 -7: 

Morning Sessions:  You will view educational videos in preparation for the afternoon chemistry and nutrition classes.

Afternoon Sessions:  You will attend classes on the interpretation of blood.  These are group sessions, for they have been found to be far more effective in learning than individual sessions.  — Anodyne infrared treatments that reduce pain and speed healing are available during classes.  Most patients prefer to have them at each class.  Explanations precede usage.  — Interspersed throughout these schedules will be your second IV Vitamin C, therapeutic massage, and acupressure treatment.  Educational videos will be viewed in addition to the scheduled classes.

Day 7:  You will begin the day with a second FASTING blood draw.

Day 8:  The focus will be on your individual personal one-on-one session reviewing changes between the first and second blood test.  Detoxification and follow-up will be planned.  Dental suture removal, adjustments and new crown placements are performed as required, but finishing touches are made according to your individual schedule.  Follow-up discussions of future blood tests and a detoxification program will be set up before you leave.  Additional treatments are available during this program period.

Registration and Fees

Your reservation for "The Biochemistry and Dental Revision Clinic" is secured when your registration fee of $5200 is received.  This fee may be paid by credit card, check, or bank transfer.  Dental fees and hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee.  Your exact dental fees are determined by individual consultation after the on-site dental examination and x-rays have been made available.  An estimate of fees is made prior to your arrival based on the information you provide.  Past experience has shown that these estimates have been reasonably accurate, but an on-site evaluation is necessary to determine exact costs.  Payment for your dental care is due at the beginning of the treatment — in traveler’s checks or cashiers checks only.


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