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youre preaching to the choir, larry
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Published: 14 years ago
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youre preaching to the choir, larry

that is the belief of everyone here.

it is not rocket Science to understand that we ARE the victims of severe imbalance and that the measures one must take to safely and effectively mitigate this imbalance(read: poisoning by halogens and heavy metals) are exactly what is being talked about on this forum.

lets take an average person. all their lives they have been ingesting through water, food and air all manner of bromides, fluorides, mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium. uranium(thanks to our military, there is a ton of this stuff in our air) and so on. no one can escape this without intense, focused, and complete avoidance. even then, you still have to breath. i dont know anyone who walks around with a high level respirator, do you?

we know that Iodine in large enough amounts will remove these things in the body. then the question is how much? for how long? well, we just dont know. some, like vulcanel, think they have gotten clean. V has stopped all Iodine for now. he ended his session with a week of one gram of Iodine per day. during this time he said that he felt that the aluminum in his brain was removed. thats my take on what he said. you are welcome to ask him here or on his personal forum. what does it take for others? how will they know? we are still investigating these questions.

but lets go back to mr/mrs average. imagine that all the targeted toxins have been removed through this mega supplementation. then what? i know that i do not have the resources to eat perfect. what does this mean? how much iodine does the average person have to continue to take daily in order to remain free of these toxins? these toxins are not natural in food, so talking diet is really begging reason. i suppose if you distill all your water and have a perfect organic farm in which you raise everything you eat, including adding all the missing minerals(including iodine) to the garden and animal feed so that there is proper nutrition throughout your food chain, you probably dont need to take any. if you live in the country, i think the body can take care of the level of pollutants in the air, unless youre unlucky enough to be downwind of a monsanto-based farm.

then lets get really real. why in gods name do you think i am taking 600mg of iodine a day? am i some kind of nut? is it, as the idiots who poo-poo what we do here say, that i am a victim of some kind of iodism that is effecting my brain?

all i can say is that i hope so. my brain gets better every day. my body continues do dump toxins through my skin and bowels and bladder. my muscles are toning without exercise. my stamina is fantastic. my wind is better than a lot of the highschoolers that are friends of my children, and i am a 35 year smoker! i am comfortable now in any weather. so why am i still doing iodine? because i continue to IMPROVE. why do i keep increasing the amount i take every day? because each time i do, i achieve a new level of detoxification. i get more stuff out of my body. and my body responds with renewed health and vitality.

in addition, i dont do many of the other supplements. i consistently do lots of salt. i do vit C as i feel like it, but i drink a lot of orange and apple juice(which are both not organic and which surely have bad halides and other toxins in them!). i take a little selenium when brazil nuts are missing from my diet. i am playing with zinc and copper right now for a couple of reasons. thats it. i believe mineral imbalance is due to too much food stressing the entire body and requiring more minerals than would normally be necessary. that is why i eat once a day. i get what i need from my food. my body tells me what i need and i eat the hell out of it. then i am done. i always return to my standard diet of greens and fruit and veggies, regardless of what i may forray into. the latest, believe it or not, was liver. i had to have liver. i ate a bunch of liver. now i am satisfied.

so, you can see, larryb, you are dead on when it comes to what should be. maybe you should have a word with the fda and doa and tell them to clean up our food so we dont have to protect ourselves from it. you seem like a crusader. they are the enemy. go gettem!

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