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Re: Distiller / Evaporator holding tanks., Spiritual desires.

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Distiller / Evaporator holding tanks., Spiritual desires.

Attracted by electricity throughout the sky and driven by forceful winds, clouds gradually cover the surface of the earth to satisfy the needy people by supplying water, which is the substance of their life. The clouds bestow rains upon man as the mercy of the Lord, who is always kind to the needy living being.

We should always know that God is ever kind to us. Despite our gross disobedience to the laws of God’s nature, the Lord is kind enough to look after our maintenance. Water is one of the most important items for our maintenance, because without water we can neither produce food grains nor quench our thirst. Water is also required very liberally for many other purposes. Thus the Lord has preserved water on three fourths of the globe and has made it salty to preserve it. Salty water does not decompose, and that is the arrangement of providence. The Lord has engaged the powerful sun to evaporate the water of planets like earth and distill it into clear water in the clouds and then stock it on the peaks of mountains, as we stock water in overhead tanks for later distribution. part of the stock of water is refrigerated into ice, so that it will not flood the earth for no good purpose. The ice melts gradually throughout the year, flows down through the great rivers, and glides down to the sea again for preservation. "Srila Prabhupada" Lights of the Bhagavata

Thus we have everything complete. Purnam adah purnam idam [Isopanisad, Invocation]: everything created by God is complete. This aggregate earth, for instance, is complete. There is sufficient water in the oceans, and the sun acts to evaporate this water, turn it into clouds, and drop rain on the land to produce plants. And from the mountains, pure rivers are flowing to supply water throughout the year. If we want to evaporate a few hundred gallons of water, we have to make many arrangements, but the creation is so complete that millions of tons of water are being drawn from the ocean, turned into clouds, and then sprayed all over the land and reserved on the peaks of mountains so that water will be present for the production of grains and vegetables. Thus the creation is complete because it comes from the complete, and similarly our bodies are also complete for spiritual realization. The complete machine is already with us. We have only to utilize it to vibrate the transcendental sound (sabda) of Hare Krsna, and we will attain complete liberation from all material pangs. "Srila Prabhupada" Path of Perfection
Chanting any of the Supreme Personality of Godhead names all auspicious.

It is said that a supremely powerful living entity can do anything and everything he likes and such acts do not affect him in any way. For example, the sun, the most powerful fiery planet in the universe, can evaporate water from anywhere and still remain as powerful. The sun evaporates water from filthy places and yet is not infected with the quality of the filth.

[[[Solar Still Background --
Solar distillation is a tried and true technology. The first known use of stills dates back to 1551 when it was used by Arab alchemists. Other scientists and naturalists used stills over the coming centuries including Della Porta (1589), Lavoisier (1862), and Mauchot (1869).

The first "conventional" solar still plant was built in 1872 by the Swedish engineer Charles Wilson in the mining community of Las Salinas in what is now northern Chile (Region II). This still was a large basin-type still used for supplying fresh water using brackish feedwater to a nitrate mining community. The plant used wooden bays which had blackened bottoms using logwood dye and alum. The total area of the distillation plant was 4,700 square meters. On a typical summer day this plant produced 4.9 kg of distilled water per square meter of still surface, or more than 23,000 liters per day. This first stills plant was in operation for 40 years!

Over the past century, literally hundreds of solar still plants and thousands of individual stills have been built around the world. SolAqua stills have built upon years of still research and development, use NSF and FDA approved materials, and are the state of the art for commercial solar still distillation.

Still Operation
A solar still operates on the same principle as rainwater: evaporation and condensation. The water from the oceans evaporates, only to cool, condense, and return to earth as rain. When the water evaporates, it removes only pure water and leaves all contaminants behind. Solar stills mimic this natural process.]]] Build your own solar distiller / evaporator, teach others and be self - sufficient. DO not learn to rely on a government that is bent on monopoly money, imp-erfect power, corruption. Do not put faith in their programs, start your own program while working with Mother Nature and lovingly remembering the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


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