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Re: Mycoplasma, testing, diagnosis
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Mycoplasma, testing, diagnosis

I put what I called BOOK II together that only touches on the disasters of man made germ warfare and finished it up with what I renamed BOOK II and videos to go with both books. My conlcusion is that NO ONE CARES, they accept they are all being sprayed/manipulated/destroyed by retarded over paid scientist and metally crazed west point fly boys that get their kicks daily by spraying little babies.

THE MDS "ALL" KNOW, that's why they are building new hospitals to make sure all their brother/sisters have jobs working on the poisoned populations.

World War I, II, III was started by the pope 2,000 years ago, it has never ended and we are in the darkest ages of earth history NOW. The popes killing 70 million people world wide 2,000 years ago was just a begining point, since the 1919 germ warfare experiements that killed 50 million civilains in the USA and they never care to tell how many millions they killed by poisoning the other countries.

The west point fly boys SPRAY the entire WORLD, about the only 2 places they don't freely spray daily is North Korea and Iran, so maybe thats the reason Bush is moving nuke loaded bombers to their part of the world?

The blue bloods have always been known as a bunch of mentally retartded imbreds that seek to kill anyone with a brain smarter than theirs. One of the companies that owned the factory I worked at was DANA. The people who owned DANA are so menatlly ill, they can't realize our stupid their ideas are and thats the mentallity of this world's owners. They are so TOXIC in their minds that they can't see anything straight, they seek to KILL anyone on earth that does not fit their plans to farm the earth.

In the USA wages are being dropped along with the theory that all Americans should die by age 40 as implicated with he induction of metals in the air/food/water in 1992. Today the government desires Mexican Labor that willingly works with toxic waste and dies by age 40 with out an argument. Today the grocery stores are overwhelmed with Mexicans using government welfare cards as millions enter the cities and create a system of living. I assume they enter the usa with hopes of living in a better place, but those wanting to immagrate into the USA will find them selves as replacement slave labor. NO ONE on this earth moves from one country to another freely, unless it is the plan of those who own each country.

People had better wake up, their way of life is going down hill rapidly as new Germ warfare methods enter their skys/hospitals/drugs. Wages are going down as they desire to bring the people to their knees and hospitals are growing at a rapid rate as are the funeral homes; because one promotes the other's business.

The scum of this earth flys jets that spray pregnant women, babies, children, God's children. Look down on the scum familys that raise the children that fly planes in an effort to suppress/murder the poor. You do not find poor familys raising children that end up flying such jets. It takes a metally deranged rich family that sends their child to military school where they are brain washed with drugs to the point that they smile as they fly their jets daily over countries and murder the poor. They live their lives believing that they murdered millions in the good for all mankind. The rich believe their drugs will save them and as they consume more drugs they become more deranged murders.

When I refer to rich, I mean RICH, those that you will never see their child in an American school, their kids are sent back to the MOTHERLAND in ERUOPE to be trained as masters over the slaves.

The pope set out to destroy every human being that does not believe his new testament bible, period. He has killed billions in the past 2,000 years and the last fronteir is a holly war between the pope and the muslims, which we only know as the BIRD FLUE. These two will fight to the end, which many believe is not that far away. Bird Flue is a name given to every muslim in the world that is setting on tons of plague/anthrax in every city in the world; waiting for the holly war to kill every pope believing non muslim on earth. The pope seeks to nuke them all before they can have their holly war and the people of the world don't mind as long as gas comes along with the package.

Anyone with half a brain left can see that the times of Noah are present, the earth is going through yet another 30,000 year cycle where only ill humans populate the earth and none believe in God and basically school is about out and the rocks are due all those who desirve one. In the times of Noah man kind kills anyone and wrong is right and right is wrong. We are in such times right now. Evil rules from the vatican every country in this world except the muslim types. Two evils will clash with a final war. We have all grown up to call it armagedin.

The wars only exist because families grow up children to go kill, period. All soldiers are the way evil plays their games. Soldiers kill people in forign lands. All big wars have been religion wars.



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