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Zapper, Beck's Magnetic Pulser, parasites, cancer & diabetes
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Published: 20 years ago
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Zapper, Beck's Magnetic Pulser, parasites, cancer & diabetes

From: "duncanmcdowell"
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 03:40:10 -0000
Subject: [mscured] Zapper Testimonial

Hi All,
Good News!

My best friend at work has had cancer for over a year and was taking
progressively stronger and stronger doses of chemo, but the cancer
kept growing while he was getting very sick from the chemo side
effects. Eventually he quit taking the chemo, as it wasn't working
and was just making him very sick.

I gave him a copy of the complete Beck protocol notes and a copy of
the Hulda Clark book , Cure for All Cancers. I also loaned him my
Clark Zapper and my Beck Blood Electrifier zapper and my Beck
Magnetic Pulser. I got the Beck devices from Sota. He already knew
about the Colloidal Silver , but wasn't taking it every day. I
recommended that he drink some c.s. every day and add a liquid
oxygen supplement to his drinking water.

He has been doing all these things per the Beck 4 part protocol plus
zapping every day with the Clark zapper. He purchased a Clark
zapper and Water Alkalizer from Kallie and has been drinking
Alkaline Water with added oxygen. He has also been drinking a
herbal detox tea every day. He has quit taking the chemo and
started doing all these alternative healing things for about 2 ­ 3
weeks now.

Today he came in to work and told me that the zapping and cleanses
have been pulling a bunch of junk out every day, and this morning
when he got up and went to the bathroom he passed a very large
quantity of dead parasites. Apparently all the dead parasites were
killed by the two zappers and the magnetic pulser. This is the
first person that I have known personally to have this happen and
tell me about it first hand. I have known others who dumped a load
of parasites after the Hulda Clark parasite treatment with Walnut
hull tincture, cloves and Wormwood , but this is the first time I
heard of it from just zapping.

He also told me that he feels much better now and has much more
energy. He is also diabetic and has been able to cut way down on
the amount of insulin he needs each day. His Depression is gone and
he now has a good overall attitude. And he is able to work 8 hours
a day again. He is a happy guy now!


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