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Question for Tony I need help
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Published: 14 years ago

Question for Tony I need help

Hey Tony how are you??

A little bit about me in a nutshell. Im seeking help because my doctors are making me more ill than i already am. Im currently 24 years old. Two years ago I ate out at a restaurant and was having digestive problems. Two months later i had shrimps and was throwing up 12 times. I had gone to the ER and they told me nothing was wrong with me even when i told them i had pains on my left side of my abdomen. As the months progessed I was loosing weight about 2 pounds a month. I also started urinating more often even after eating a piece of toast. I then got myself a Gastro doctor who preformed all the tests such as blood tests, i got tested for malabsorbtion syndrome, barium enema, barium meal to see small intestines and colonoscopy.

So finally after everything i was diagnosed with chronic colitis and was told no cure and no known cause and that it will branch into ulcerative colitis or crohns disease even when my biopsy didnt reveal anything but small ulcers. My entire big colon is affected. Im only going to get worse and might require removal of my entire colon. I was given Asacol, Flagyl, Nexium, Pantaloc, and after on them for two months i stopped taking my meds. I see no point in them they were making me worse. They want me to go on cortisone and then steroids. But i just go to the my doctors appointment just for the heck of it incase i need medical attention one day.

I have been taking Chinese herbs a mix of them by a chinese herbologist. They seemed to help and my energy was coming back. But my skin color is still not back to normal. Even the chinese herbologist saw that parts of my face i had patchs that were lighter than the rest of my face. I am of indian decent. My face started looking normal after awhile. But its still not the full brown color is use to be. I told my regular doctor at the hospital this and he told me it changed because i got less sunlight this year. But around my stomach area its the same deal a whole patch that is lighter and its noticeable as well.

Recently a friend of mine gave me some Oleander soup and i have been taking it for about 9 days, now 2 to 3 times a day. I have not experienced any side effects except for one day i had mucous come out. Do you know if its safe to be on chinese herbs and the oleaner soup? I am currently not on the chinese herbs. But i am thinking of going back for some more because I urinate about every 30 minuts. My doctors says the frequent urination isnt normal but they said that im perfectly healthy on paper but yet i have ulcers all over my big colon. I have no faith in them anymore. They tell me to take my pills but that wont cure me just help me. Im guessing they are making extra commission putting me on pills.

Im also currently on Bee propolis taking it 2 times a day with the Oleander soup. My friend told me about Collodial Silver from the utopia website and i have ordered it. Once that comes is it safe to take the oleander soup,bee propolis and the chinese herbs all together? I was also trying aloe vera gel for about 3 weeks and noticed a slight boost in energy. When i was on the Aloe vera gel i was not taking oleader soup or the chinese herbs. It was just the aloe vera gel and and the bee propolis.

I also read that if taking the collodial silver a person might turn grey. Is that true? Or is it rare. I found a website that showed a women who turned grey after using collodial silver for 2 years. Or is this just plain rubbish by the FDA so we can be brainwashed and use thier poison products.

I also plan on introducing a glyconutrient powder since i heard this helps the body heal itself. Im experimenting since Im my own doctor now. Because I hardly eat anything now adays or drink because i urinate afer 10 minutes of drinking something and continues every 30 minutes. Do you know anything that might help the frequent urination??

Well thanks for reading my post.

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