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Re: U.S. marshals seize supplements - the latest FDA outrage
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: U.S. marshals seize supplements - the latest FDA outrage

Warning: these sort of posts make me feel a little manic.
We are hearing a lot of great advice as to what we can do, but we have to know what exactly we are fighting against.
What are the 3 most important words you'll ever learn, or hear? "I love you," or "Conflict of interest?" Conflict of interest is as old and inherent in human society as language, or making fire. In fact, like the act of lying, the concept of conflict of interest may be even older.
We seem to imagine it as something which affects government, but it is an inherent and inseperable part of the political, economic, and religious process.
Has anyone ever heard of "Dollar a Day Men?" Historically, the CIA, (USA External Affairs), had had 3 basic tiers; grunts - the doers, management, and the upper eschelons - Dollar a Day Men; very wealthy men, CEO's, Presidents, execs, etc., of major corporations. These wealthy men selflessly accepted payment of just one US dollar a day in return for serving thier country in the CIA.
The CIA quickly expanded from monitoring boardering countries to assuring "American interests" within the continant, to the hemisphere, to the world. Does the term "US interests" mean the average American citizen? At US $85 a barrel, what do you think?
How long did George Bush Senior serve with the CIA? What oil companies was he associated with? Did the CIA aid in any way with the profit making of oil companies? Anyone remember "Our CIA informants have assured us that Iran has weapons of mass destruction?" Then, retired and out of the game, Greenspan blows the whistle,.... Kaboom ...Backtracks ... "Opps, I meant...."
The war is not between the US and Iraq/ Iran/ N. Korea/ or any other nation. It is not even between the rich and poor. It is between greed and compassion, the prison of the ego and enlightenment.
The mafia, called the establishment, (all governments, corporations, miitaries, police forces, major media, major medical institutions, food distributors, religions, etc. you can add your own), have organically , and naturally developed due to the inherent greed, (or competitive drive), in all organisms. The FDA is just another tentacle of this entity, (organized like the CIA), but never before have we seen such precision in such an entity's ability and organization.
As for the religious alternative, (a Theocratic State), the Catholic Church didn't do much better in a thousand years.
The revolution will not be telivised because they own all the chanels. The revolution will not be a scream, it will be a whisper. "It is the stillest words that bring on the storm. Thoughts that come on doves' feet guide the world."
The "Free Speach Zones" are a hundred miles from where anyone will ever hear you. Standing out in public view is wonderful, but I fear, will only make you a target that the whole McWorld will never hear of, and if they do, they will forget you and your plight, and message quickly.
I've been asking myself and others for years how to fight this inherent human greed. This is the war. I fear that it is not out there, but is in here. I make it a point to tell everyone I know even a little well, who is suffering, how to get better.
If we can no longer buy CS machines, lets all learn how to build them. We can learn to grow our own herbs. Think of how many marajuanna grow ops that are in existence. Everyone on this site, (I hope, wish, pray), will awaken to thier duty to thier fellow human, animal, or living creature and begin the true, secret apostleship of Jesus, the Buddha, Mohamad, Krishna, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and so many others.
Please excuse my offensiveness, but I'm trying to force a point. I believe that the true covenant was that we would not f*ck each other in the *ss, and this covenent has been broken again and again.
As for the cinical, that's a wonderful tool also. It's helped me avoid doing anything for a long time.

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