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Published: 15 years ago
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I think we're all in agreement, I was merly trying to depersonalize it by seeing it more as a system as opposed to the whole "Old Glory" thing. US & Them. "Why do they hate Americans?" the media keeps asking. No one wants to ask the real questions; Why do the have no problem with Americans and see them as being in the same boat, while they really hate multi national corporations, the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, Central Banks, etc., whom the US Army, by default or delusion just happens to work for?
A rose by any other name stinks just the same. The bottom line is greed, not American greed, or Iraqi greed, or any one person's greed.
You can phone an agency in China and arrange to get a liver/ kidney/ or whatever transplant, and they execute a prisoner to sell it to you, its all taken care of.
I was speaking to a woman from Sweeden, who's involved in stopping human trafficing there.
She said that 600 Chinese infants and children pass through Sweeden each month, and disappear. The government suspects child prostitution and transplants. I'm sure you can get the same thing just about anywhere in North America. Just imagine your own children, thier little faces, wondering where they're being taken to. Playing a pretend game in the back of a transport truck, on thier way to the slaughter so that some rich alchoholic bastard can have a few more years of drinking, smoking, and child prostitutes. There's your real conspiracy.
If there was ever such a thing as god, he really is dead, and we killed him. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to splinter into a million parts, or mabey that's just what I wish for.
As for finding a cosy place to hide and forget it all, the US is big so there's still some room, but I know people who live in what used to be called the Boonies, the Sticks, Countryside, they're looking at brand new town houses where the fields used to be. Thier well water has long been polluted so they have to buy bottled. Its just a matter of time.
The day will come when we will eat our own children. Sometimes, I pray for something like "War of the Worlds."
Its like the older I get the more shit I learn, and the more in shock I feel, till I can't feel anymore. Did Jesus want us to sit around all day Sunday shouting "Praise Jesus"? He overturned the money changers tables. "Suffer the children unto me!"
But I suppose that if the king of the jungle is a lion, the king of the universe must be something far, far more horrific than we could ever imagine! What's the old Christian saying, "There is nothing more terrible than to fall into the hands of the living God"? Better to stick to the fairy tales instead. Or mabey, just mabey, this is Hell.

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