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Re: Question for Tony I need help
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Question for Tony I need help

Hey Tony

Hey and thanks for your speedy reply. Your answers were very helpful and greatly appreciated. As for the Naturopath I am currently seeing a chinese herbologist who reads the pulses above your hand. Now i dont know what you think of this but that was the only option i had at the time i had decided to go see him. He gave me
a variety of different kinds of herbs. Now the names i have no clue as to what they were. But from my observation they were a punch of what looked like tree leaves, barks, and seeds. I had to boil all of that for one hour and drink the juice that came out of it everyday and i did this for about 4 months. It did make a difference but slowly.

Once i saw the asian doctor i stopped all the pharmaseutical meds as honestly the pills were coming out of my ass not to be too graphic. It was Asacol that i was taking.

Today I saw the Gi specialist as I see him every two months. I dont know why I know its pointless but right now dont really know which doctors to see and whom to believe as every doctor is trying to make money in thier own way and have thier own theory. He told me to take cortisone for 7 weeks. He told me I have no choice
and that taking Cortisone turns the inflammation switch off. I read that the reason the body becomes inflammed is because of a pathogen or bacteria might be causing it to become inflammed in the first place. So in reality once again he would only be treating my symptoms and not the real cause and i could be getting worse while im feeling great. He told me to take it because I will know what it would feel like to be normal and enjoy life again. Seems like a sales pitch.

As for the liver ive never been checked for it. I told my Gi specialist about the skin and he just told me im probably not getting enough sun. So i dont really know where to go from there. I think he is waiting for it to fail so he can put me on more drugs and make more comission i guess.

I ordered all the products that you suggested. The liver cleanse, the Silver advanced colloidal silver, plant minerals and oxygen as well as the probiotics. Its good to hear that someone with crohns took it and especially a singer.
A doctor in the UK claims that Crohns is caused by bacteria and he is treating people with anti biotics and he actually uses the word cure as once they do the colonoscopy after the treatment there is no sign or evidence of

Also for my condition which is Ulcerated Colitis he uses fecal bacteria transfusion and once again after the treatment there are no signs or evidence of the colon being sick. The ulcers are all gone and patients have remained in this disease free state for a long while. But it did take time about 4 months. And for crohns patients about 3 years on anti biotics.

Now i just have a few questions. Can i still take my other products such as my aloe vera gel, my bee propolis and the chinese Herbologist gave me some natural pills for my body. The first set of pills he gave me is promoting lumbago and bone marrow function and sperm production. The second set of natural pills he gave me is to tonify the vital energy, enrich the blood, invigorate the spleen function, nourist the heart.

I also plan on taking some gylconutrients powder as i have a hard time eating food and apparently these sugars in this formual heal the body.

Do i start off with the
1) the liver cleanse and take the probiotics together.
2) Then once that is done after two weeks start taking the collodial silver and add in the plant minerals and oxygen.

Also the collodial silver and Oleander do i take those together or do I take lets say oleander at 9am and then wait an hour and take collodial silver at 10am. And is the collodial silver like the oleander as well 1/4 of a teaspoon 3 times
a day. And how long do i take the collodial for??

Just asking questions to do it right.

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