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hypothyroid? parasites? candida? virus? Oh My!
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Published: 14 years ago

hypothyroid? parasites? candida? virus? Oh My!

Here's my situation... I wish I could make this quick, but after years of seeing mountains of doctors without real answers, I want you to get a good idea of my being... I will strive to be concise as possible though. I don't know where else to turn, I'm hoping to get some different opinions.

My stats: 25 year old hispanic male residing in the US, 6' tall weighing 155lbs

Wasn't breast fed, had asthma and allergic to almost everything tested for (allergic to many fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, dust mites, etc). Also unexplained IBS (constipation), fatigue and really skinny.

Since my mom and brother were hypothyroid, they found I too was just below "normal." I did bad on synthroid, but a little better on armour (I doubt that I am hypothyroid because I can take half of the smallest dose and feel fidgety and anxious).

Took it upon myself to find alternative treatments. Thankfully, through much research, I re-vamped my entire diet: balanced with veggies, fruits, whey protein... and began avoiding fried foods, hydrogenated oils (I mostly use coconut and olive oil), white breads, and sugars. Combining these changes while discovering wheatgrass, my asthma has disappeared, my allergies are non-existent, and my bowels are more regular.

Years have passed and though I'm much better now than I was as a child, I still have many symptoms that no doctor can figure out:

Dryness all over- my hair, skin, eyes, nose, etc:
-Seems to be something I've always had... almost as if my body won't circulate moisture properly. I'm not dehydrated, as I've tried drinking much more watter with little results
-Coconut oil seems to help temporarily, but when I stop it, I get really dry again

Cold hands, cold feet, hair falls out more than usual:
-It almost sounds like hypothyroidism, and I'm still taking an extremely low dose of armour thyroid... because any time I increase thyroid medications, I cannot sleep and have hyper, roundabout thoughts... I've tried getting off thyroid meds and I just get a little lethargic.

Bouts of fatigue, creaky bones, dizziness when rising from a laying position
-it seems to happen usually before I eat lunch where I get this shaky, weak feeling throughout my body almost like hypoglycemia, where I have to eat (I've tried changing my breakfast a little).

-It's much better now, but it seems I'm dependent on wheatgrass--without it my bowels will struggle.

Recent Testing I've had:
-Complete blood count (my hematocrit is always a bit high, but I live in a high altitude), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Cortisol tests, Fasting blood test, Stool culture for parasites, Thyroid panel-- besides having slightly low blood Sugar and slightly high LDL cholesterol, all of these have come out normal.

Remedies I have Tried:
-Wheatgrass, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, multivitamin, cayenne pepper, liquid/vegetable fasts, kelp (iodine), I removed my Amalgams a while back, parasite cleanse (really made me feel bad), 1 liver flush. Some of these have provided temporary relief, but I can't shake the the symptoms of overall dryness, or my random weakness episodes. I try not to take these remedies at the same time... and I'm tired of just adding another remedy to the circulation without it providing real relief. I'm just trying to figure out what's wrong with me.

Perhaps someone can find a pattern with all of these symptoms, or give me some advice or something else I can try.

Appreciate it.

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