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MgO2 is not totally a cleanser as such.
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Published: 14 years ago
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MgO2 is not totally a cleanser as such.

Upon reading alot of the above thread-

From that thread I quote: The site talked about using an oxygen based colon cleanser for constipation relief and goes on to say that laxatives may be dangerous.

My response:

The oxygen based cleanser is really more of a laxative and less of a cleanser... but kind of both. These MgO2 (namely colosan and Oxypowder since they are the cheapest per month-there are others in the health food store that have fewer pills for the same money and so why bother) do keep your colon pretty clean if it was pretty clean to start. I would imagine it would take a year or more with MgO2 to clean out the colon if it was not clean-ish to start. In which case you need to help things along with colonics or one of the 7 or 14 day cleanses that are available out there. (Dr. Schultz has one. BAREFOOT herbalist has one. These guy's products have been used over and over. They are ones I would rely on.) If you cannot get through a 7 day cleanse because it constipates you worse --then do colonics until you clean alot out mechanically and do the cleanses later. But use the magnesium oxide MGO2 product to stay MOVIN. It was the biggest boon to my issues. Which ultimately is clogged gallbladder and liver. It has kept me alive. I would have jumped off a bridge without it because I am toxic. OF course we all are... in differing amounts.

However let me say that after 10 years of constipation I have found the Barefoot herbalist Lower Bowel Balance to be one of the best herbal products around. I like Sonnes No. 9A herbal supplement too. Schultz has one also. Out of these 3 find one that you like. Use one of these WITH the MgO2 colon cleaner. I use the herbals with meals if it says that on the bottle and the MgO2 at night. Additionally I am doing better and have added glucomannan fiber which is a gentle fiber and does not clog me up like psyllium. (Of course my body runs on the dry side... which I realize is kidneys. Now I am cleaning those. All the research says drink water... doesn;'t help me much. that is kidneys.)

Can your bowel get lazy? Yes I would guess--but with clogged poop in there it won;'t work anyway. Fear keeps us immobile... DO something. It cannot stay inside. then add the fiber and that too will tone the colon.

Once you clean out yu can physically exercise and tone up again. I read cascara sagrada will actually excercise the colon. My colonics therapist said my colon was in pretty good shape. So I am not worried that once I get the liver clean PLUS let go of all my mental baggage .... (HOLDING ON is an emotion that will KEEP one constipated).... I will do fine. It has been a long road but it is getting better. I am putting the mental physical and spiritual together. It works.

Yes our minds run our bodies. It's a fact that sometimes can be hard to face.

Good luck.

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