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Re: Dry fast
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Dry fast

Hi ikota I hope your fasting is going well. I learned about fasting first through a rare book written by a doctor who strongly advocated and supervised hundreds of dry fasts through his practice in a country town in Victoria Australia, including serious illnesses such as one case of tuberculosis. It was the book that first excited me about fasting and although my first long term fasts were 10 and 30 days, they were only on a glass of water a day rather than the larger amounts I have seen suggested for water fasting.

Since then I have done three 5 day fasts, one of 6 days and my longest was 7 days just recently. I can atest to it both being more effective than water fasting, and just as safe- in that I have not experienced any worse detox symptoms on my dry fasts than I have on water fasting. I personally think that Liver Cleansing and lengthy Colon Cleanses beforehand are unnecessary seeing as how the body will cleanse what needs to be cleansed during the fast istelf. However the cleaner you start any fast the easier at least the start of that fast will be, I have found.

Dying of thirst after 5 days is very conservative. The longest I had heard man could survived without water before reading about dry fasting online recently was 10 days. Now I have read a few accounts of fasts up to 14 days. On the other hand trying to find a better water supply for my fasts recently I was reading one website advertising their water and commenting we can only last 2-3 days without it. Having now gone 7 days easily without water I find that comment laughable now.

Of course you could die of thirst much faster, if the body was already depleted of it before a fast, if you are in hotter climates etc. It is something to be vigilant of during a dry fast but not to be afraid of. I have been fasting and eating raw for an equal amount of days for the last two months and have gone into all my recent dry fasts (including my current dry fast- this is day 2) completely hydrated. The last two dry fasts before this one I have felt completely hydrated- even up to a moist mouth with an almost lingering sweet taste- for 4-5 days or more.

The first dry fast I did at the beginning of this period though a couple of months ago lasted a little over 5 days. That one was pretty full on but again not dangerous at all, just very hard work. I HAD NO PREPARATION FOR THAT FIRST FIVE DAY DRY FAST. So you can see why I don't agree with the need for lengthy preparations, fasting is it's own preparation. If you want an easier beginning to your fast, eat raw food for as long as you can prior, or have a shorter fast followed by raw food then dive in to a longer one.

I liked reading your discussion on this topic and felt my personal experience might be of interest.

Again, I hope things are going well for you.

Take care,


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