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Re: A Buttload of Contradictions....

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: A Buttload of Contradictions....

I have reached a point of total angst about the various systems of eating. What is most noticeable about any improvement in health is that the junk has been removed, so we are way ahead at that point.

For myself, I bought the Blood Type book several years ago when I noticed that the list of forbidden foods for Type O matched my own list almost exactly -- I had been tested several years previous. However, yesterday, I self-tested and found that oranges are fine for me, but not grapefruit (which is supposed to be okay for Type O). Everyone slams that way of eating, but I feel that there is considerable value there, particularly for someone who is just learning about healthful eating.
Also, regular dairy is out (and I have not had much dairy over the years), but raw milk is okay for me. So, I believe that one needs to tweak whatever system they are working with.

The Ayurvedic body types are interesting; the most value for me there is going to bed by 10 pm. I would like to have my biggest meal at Noon as suggested, but it is not really possible with our schedule. Again, there is some good information about which foods to avoid and which are a must -- but self-testing would be the easiest way to go.

Since one system may indicate the exact opposite of another system, I believe that self-testing is the way to go. Then, you know that what you are consuming is good for you. Each system has a particular set of principles which probably work a high percentage of the time.

I am trying to get more veggie juice into me and have made some other changes which I feel comfortable with. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with what you are doing.

No matter what way you decide to eat, the detoxifying processes are basic. Cleaning the colon is the most important cleanse that we can do for ourselves; it impacts so many areas and, of course, the liver. Herbs are the way to clean ourselves up.

Home-grown fruits and veggies -- organically or better -- would be the best; however, if someone is coming off SAD, good, fresh fruits and veggies of any type would be a huge improvement. Just getting produce right from the farmer's stand is probably much better than buying it in a supermarket where it has been transported over thousands of miles and many days, picked unripe, etc., etc.

MH does not like showers; he says that the chemicals in the water easily enter the lungs in a shower. He uses herbs in the bath -- good for the respiratory system, without the steam of the shower.

I have not answered many of your questions, but many folks here will. From my own state of annoyed confusion, I am carving out a way of eating and living that is comfortable for me and my hubby. We have no real health issues; I just want to establish a more healthful way of eating to ensure our good health for many years. Cleansing the body, adding good foods and eliminating the bad ones are my way to great health. Exercise -- that is our great downfall; we need to get more exercise.

A lot of the systems are extreme which is good and necessary if someone is in terrible health. Once the health is back to normal -- and it may take some time -- perhaps a less extreme way is easier to maintain.

Does regular water erode your teeth also? Or, just the distilled? Perhaps you need something to strengthen the teeth.

Kindest thoughts.


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