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Re: A Buttload of Contradictions....
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: A Buttload of Contradictions....

good list.

1) distilled water will not leach the minerals you need from your body, just the inorganic ones that are in the way of circulation and normal function. i agree with your assessment of boiling distilled water to a degree. i think it would be safest to use enamaled or glass cookware for this just to be on the safe side.

2) MH has warned against showers, i believe. standing in a hot shower for ten minutes is like drinking eight glasses of the stuff. if you cant afford an r/o unit for your bath, you could do what i do and throw some baking soda in the water. i first run the bath with all hot water and let it cool with the fan on and the door shut. this eliminates the chlorine. the baking soda is the best you can do for the rest. if your water source is fluoridated, that is even tougher. the baking soda will help but not even r/o can eliminate it all. when my source was fluoridated i put colloidal silver in the water to combine with it. you could even clean an old silver coin dollar or ingot with baking soda and then throw that in while the water cools. the worse the water is, the more it will tarnish, which might make a good meter, come the think of it!

3) it has been said, a difference is only a difference if it makes a difference. if fluoride, genetic modification or irradiation is a big concern of yours, go all organic.

4) MH says the bleeding is toxins trying to get out. sounds like you are being successful. i dont know about the pain. i do know that pain is a perception and highly subjective. i am male and ignore pains for the most part. dr "B"(the water cure guy) says that all histimine reactions - pain, rash, itching, swelling - has an underlying cause of dehydration or drought in the specific area. my first choice would be cold water therapy to the effected area to draw in more fluids.

5) i drink distilled water all the time and structure it in many different ways(there are kajillion ways to do it) or not at all depending. definitely try a pinch of sea salt in the water. this is the cure for dehydration per dr. B

6) i vote yes on kimchi and kraut(part german here), but i avoid soy for many reasons, not the least of which are phyto-estrogens and the fact that over 80% of all soy grown in this country is gmo. i believe MH gave a hearty nod to fermentation of vegetables as the only good way to use them.

7) i have used olive oil on the tight or rough or irritated places, even head to toe sometimes but not as a rule. my body does best by using nothing on it and not bathing or showering. no one else approves of this method, however, so i do not maintain that for very long at a time.

8) i paid a natural practitioner a wad of cash (right after i fired all my allopaths) to tell me to eat right and exercise(like i could have at that point!) and tried to sell me a bag full of vitamins and the book on eating right for your blood type. i never went back. i searched the web, got the list(i am O pos), and did the dance. i got some benefit from it. my take on why? hindsight is a wonderful thing. all poor health is a result of bad lifestyle, especially bad diet. all of these diet fads work on the same shotgun approach principle - change the diet and you will change the health of the person. for me, wheat was not on my list so i started avoiding it and i felt much better. before you blame gluten, check this out, i can now eat wheat. it was the wrong eating that i was doing and avoiding wheat helped me avoid some of that. get MH's first book written by dr hay and you will fully understand what bad diet is all about.

9) borax

10) i thought everyone knew that high heels are bad. they are about as far from barefoot as army boots are. an ozone generator is best for your air handling system. i do not believe you need to have someone else plant thoughts in your mind. there are self-hypnosis techniques and the more you can do for yourself the better off you will be. i personally choose not to wear contacts. its just more foreign material in the body, a part of your brain no less.

thanks for the exercise.

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