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Re: A Buttload of Contradictions....

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: A Buttload of Contradictions....

looks like a lifetime of questions, here goes with some answers from someone that may just confuse you more!

1) Distilled water is the closest to nature. In Nature we don't drink water, we drink fruits/fruit juice well chewed into a liquid. Your home made distilled water is the ONLY water worth drinking, you can not buy good water commerically. You never boil tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Distilled water absorbs the minerals/tannens from the herb, not the stainless steel.

2) Hot baths are not good for us, they just help melt the mud in our lymph glands. Cold 55 degree baths are perfect. Use 4 inches of water and give your self a slap bath and you will become stronger than you could imagine. Pitch the towels, your socks and shoes, the hot water heater and take the bedroom window out, IF YOUR looking for the best of methods.

3) Take the best organic vegetables and cook them and you have dead crap. Organic anything is LIVE/FRESH picked. Naturally the less chemicals the better, but nothing is poison free, no such thing as organic raised food, mostly all hype and gimmick, just like high test gas, standard gas has the same octane, but people like to pay more and seem better than average, so there are grades of how much you desire to pay to feel better about yourself, same with food, eat grass and bust the system!

4) Clean blood has no periods. Pains are always a loss of circulation/oxygen.

5)I may drink 1 gallon of plain distilled water a year! I drank 45 cases of oranges in Jan,Feb,March and I stayed very alkaline, NO ACID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How on earth can natural water with natural fruit erode the teeth? We have 900 times too much lime in our body, so can't be a lack of so called calcium. If the teeth are eroding, the bones are doing the same! Wonder if the pH is low???? My guess is your stomach has been acid all your life and it is your own stomach acid that is eating your bones away, not changing to distilled water and nature's foods.
Things called meat, coffee, pop, cooked foods and mixed foods and most every poison out there are the culprits, noy natural water and raw fruit juices.

6) An American Indian 200 years ago could consume plants safely, today the same plants would kill the average civilized person, so it is with fermented foods, if your able, they are alive and great. If your health is lacking, this much live food may cleanse the mud out of you so quick it could choke the life right out of you literly.

7) Dry skin is an acid body again caused by diet suppling the system plenty of acid waste to clog the system of elimination. If your dry apply distilled water with a touch of pure glycerin or just plain olive oil does wonders (make sure the olive oil is real and not corn or motor oil)

8) Human food is human food, PERIOD. The authors on blood type diets are treating symptoms and know nothing of how the human works or what life is.

9) Most non toxic cleaners are expensive! Try peroxide or white vinegar. Hard water stains are the worse as is greese.

10) Ten is a tuff one! Bad air is bad air, you need freedom and light! Air conditioners are head quarters for the molds and toxins of the world, you could grow enough anthrax there to compete with Bush and Bakers Germ Warfare factory in Texas. The other things basically go against nature, why would anyone wear high heals? When your old enough you will give up caring what others think and live life much more free!

Sorry I didn't have the best of answers!

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