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Re: Salt is good for Adrenals Nitrates Are not
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Salt is good for Adrenals Nitrates Are not

Well to put it simply nitrates and nitrites are preservatives and they are toxins. The average person might think that these small amounts of toxins don't make them them sick but truly they are bad for everyone not just candida suffers. nitrites cause the body to loose magnesium and probably many other minerals. The body will use up its stores of certain minerals in an effort to combat or neutralize the toxin. This causes the body to be very low in a critical mineral. Magnesium is extremely crucial to those with anxiety. Not only does it affect adrenals in a big but it also effect just about every other organ in the body. This goes especially for the heart. Minerals have an energy which is fuel to the body and each mineral has its function. But the one that seems to effect many people with candida is magnesium. This is because the toxin that candida releases also causes the body to use up its stores of magnesium to try to neutralize it. Slowly over time you will become very magnesium deficient. Magnesium is the mineral responsible for relaxtion of the muscles. Calcium is responsible for contraction. For example you need both for your heart to beat. Calcium causes the heart to contract and pump blood while magnesium causes the heart to relax between beats. Too much contraction you have a heart attack. As a matter of fact many top notch hsopitals acutally give you a magnesium drip IV in the ER if you have had or are having a heart attack. Have you ever heard of calcium channel blockers? They are a blood pressure medication to treat high bp. They work by blocking excess calcium in the blood from getting to the heart and doing damage . How do we get excess calcium? Because we eat way too many things we should not be eating but that is another story. But another big reason is because we do not get nearly enough magnesium in our daily diets. Without enough Mg and too much Cal. we wind up with an imbalance and so we wind up with too much contraction not enough relaxtion of muscles. Now this can result in an anxiety type of episode with a racing heart shortness of breath, dizziness , hot flashes etc. This really takes a toll on the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands start over producing adrenal and then you have a real nasty anxiety attack on your hands. That is until your adrenals are so shoit they do not producr adrenal that much anymore, then you wind up with fatigue and no energy etc.

What should you be looking for? Anything that is the produce isle. Anything that is natural. If it comes in a box or a can you should not be eating it. Any food in a box or a can will contain some form of a preservative. And if you are as sick as you say you might wind up finding that you cannot eat these foods any longer. As your body becomes more and more sensitive you will be forced to find a truly healthy diet.

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