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Re: Need Advice Please #2
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Need Advice Please #2

The fissure, which causes the blood, can be healed easily with a topical application of Colloidal Silver . Soak a cotton ball in Colloidal Silver , and put in place for 6-10 minutes. Use internally if that does not help. Usually a second application is not necessary.

The constipation, which contributed to the cause of all of it, can be addressed with a combination of magnesium and probiotics. If your stool has a smell, your body needs probiotics. I take the acidophilus from Walmart, needs no refrigeration, is cheap and it works for me. If it doesn't work for you you can get a stronger one from the health food store. For the acidophilus, take 6-7 the first day. You should have a good soft evacuation the next day. The next day take four, and keep on that dose until you lose the smell to your stool or you have diarrhea, whichever comes first. Then go on a maintenance dose of 1 per day. Adjust the dose back up if your stool begins to smell again. This is very important to establish the good bacteria in your digestive system, and this is what strengthens your immune system.

The magnesium you can get in various ways, whatever floats your boat. You have to play with the dosage to get what is right for you. What I described above with the acidophilus is called taking it to bowel tolerance. You want to take magnesium to bowel tolerance as well. You can use Epsom Salts , which, although it tastes nasty, is cheap and effective. I take dolomite, which is controversial, but works for me. It is a calcium and magnesium supplement. Start with small amounts and work up to bowel tolerance and then back down. Wheatgrass contains magnesium, so you might try doubling that, but I believe to begin, you will still need the supplementation.

Vitamin C is good for constipation, but I do not use it because it causes a lot of gas and explosive bowel movements. Magnesium and acidophilus do not, in my experience, although you may have some rumbling if your body is not used to it.

If the combination of acidophilus and magnesium do not work for you, you can look into a very gentle detoxifying tea, like Smooth Move tea. I use one from the Latin ethnic grocery by Badia. It is referred to as a dieters'tea, but has a form of senna, but it is very gentle

I am sure you may be worried about being dependent on laxatives and unable to defecate without a laxative as a consequence of taking too many laxatives. Magnesium and acidophilus are natural substances and not laxatives like senna and cascara Additionally, if you don't get the toxins out of your body several times per day, you are going to recirculate those toxins in your body, and it may be that you have a need for higher amounts of magnesium. Magnesium is known for being calming, and is excellent for stress.

My aunt, who is a lovely person, had very few bowel movements. The doctor told her not to worry. Last year the doctor could not do her colonoscopy because he could not get her "clean." This year before her colonoscopy I sent some of my tea. She already had such symptoms that she looked like she was six months pregnant. It took several days for the tea to work, and when it did she lost seven pounds. She had her first normal bowel movement in years. When he did the colonoscopy, he still found impaction and took another 23 pounds out of her. He also removed a large polyp, but it was not cancerous. She takes the tea now, is happy to do so, and recommends it to others. Her bowel movements are now normal.

You may have some impaction, not large enough to prevent your bowel movements, and you may have to soften that up in order to get it out. Only time will tell on that. It doesn't mean that you will have to take additional magnesium, acidophilus, or whatever the rest of your life. But you have a problem there.

When I first heard I should have three bowel movements per day, I thought that was ludicrous. But when I started upping my supplements, I began having them. Now I watch myself closely and occasionally have to take one or the other to make sure I have the three movements, but only occasionally.

On another level, constipation is related to not letting go, to holding onto things and beliefs.

I don't usually post on this forum, but when I saw you had asked twice, I couldn't let you go unanswered.

Good luck to you. I hope you will try these few changes. I believe you will be delighted by the results.

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