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MMS: impressions from a psychic intuitive
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Published: 15 years ago
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MMS: impressions from a psychic intuitive

There is a gentleman in Canada today who claims to do the same kind of work Edgar Cayce once did in the early 1900's. Occasionally I ask him questions and recently I inquired about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . In the past, his answers have been interesting (and with many things I could verify myself- accurate) though of course it's best to take any information of this nature with a grain of salt.. if this kind of thing isn't your cup of tea, disregard this post; for everyone else, here's my question and the answer he gave. Hope it contributes in some way to the forum.
Q: A substance dubbed 'miracle mineral supplement' consisting of sodium chlorite mixed with a weak acid to form chlorine dioxide and consumed is catching on and being hailed as being effective for many conditions, including cancer. Please describe its actions, both positive and negative, on the body.

A: This particular concoction appear to be somewhat of an acidic 'shock' to the body, if it is kept here for the intention to cleanse the blood, it does seem to go through the body and through the bloodstream, influencing and affecting the body in a positive way. The concoction has a tendency not to be readily destroyed or assimilated into the body, but to act as a "free agent" almost as it migrate through the body and particularly to the blood, affecting the stomach first of course, it does affect the small intestine, and similar to apple cider vinegar in powdered form, it has a tendency to 'shock'- or push, initially- sluggish fluids that would be found here, whether they be bile or worms or infestations.
The intention here is that it affects the small intestine and also the point that would be called the "Peyer's Patch", which is the stimulation for the immune system itself. Castor oil packs from the outside would have a similar effect on this, and over time this patch tends to deteriorate, shrivel, and deplete itself as a body normally age; keeping this part of the intestine, this Peyer's Patch, functioning well insures longevity as it is able to ward off virus, bacteria, and other substances that infiltrate or invade the body. It is in fact a concoction which is somewhat of a rough stimulant that causes the immune system to function through this patch or to stimulate it. It works better as someone would be younger, for a younger body would have more of the tissue or the patch evident, but as the body age, as we have given, this patch tends to deteriorate, and therefore it is more difficult and needs more stimulus to affect the immune system, which usually in an older person is under some duress or pressure or is being overworked, because of the natural tendencies for the body to be influenced from the bacteria and virus levels. For those substances that are already in the body, that have accumulated over the span of life- any body at any time has all sorts of invading influences in its skin, organs, blood and bone. The purpose of this is to stimulate the immune system; but it is not a 'magic bullet' or potion- or medicine- but it is rather a stimulant that causes the body to revert to its previous higher capabilities, strength, or power. Always it is the small intestine which in the earlier developing years needs to be stimulated, and of course as always, assimilation is much more important than ingestion, for without assimilation, ingested substances will simply pass through the body. Assimilation is always the key but this [the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ] has a tendency to let us say stimulate certain systems in the body- nerve systems, circulatory, and glandular systems.

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