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Not sure if "Thanks" is the appropriate response...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Not sure if "Thanks" is the appropriate response... envy, but I appreciate your commenting. I actually feel rather addicted to and whacked out by this place, but I can't seem to stay away for some reason, and pray that my (sense of?) sanity shall be restored. And now I will rant...

I used to think something was wrong with me because I could easily have an cllmax alone, but not during sexual intercourse with a man. My husband insisted that I was frigid and in need of psychotherapy. I saw a pyschiatrist, and it didn't help.

And in 1977 I met a man who made love with me, like nobody had ever made love with me before. I was healed. There was no more reason for me to worry that I'd given myself a middle finger fetish from playing with yourself, spanking the monkey for years before I had sex. I learned in one instant, without a doubt, that I am perfectly capable of reaching an cllmax with a man, during sexual intercourse, and I don't have to touch myself to do it. I can allow him to lead me over the edge with him.

The reason it so very rarely happens is because men don't know what they are doing. It's not their fault. Sexual repression prohibits the kind of uninhibited exploration that would allow most people to figure it out. And because men can cllmax so easily, they will continue treating women's vaginas like penises turned inside out, with little or no interest in developing a genuine intuition for a woman's body, for as long as we will put up with it.

It's easier on their ego to keep doing what they've always done, nailing women, laying the pipe, hammering like a jack hammer and raging like bulls, than to slow down, spend some time giving and receiving massages, and all the other wonderful things that would elevate a woman's passion, and make sex as enjoyable for the feminine, as it is for the masculine.

And it's easier for women, who've never had an cllmax during sexual intercourse, to fake it than tell men what really makes them feel good. You can't tell somebody how to do something if you don't know how it's done! The only instruction most men have ever received is "deeper, deeper, harder, harder." But what really works is less stimulation, not more. The friction and motion that works for a woman is extremely subtle. A single deep breath will take a woman over the edge if a man knows when to be still and how to apply the right kind of pressure.

You can tell a man to slow down ten times and he will still be going ten times too fast. And they wonder why women get depressed and don't want to have sex any more. How many men would be interested in having sex if cllmax wasn't even a possibility, if all sex involved was getting an erection, probing for a while, and stopping without ejaculating? Men are not going to wake up and become better lovers until women stop faking cllmaxs, and realize there is absolutely nothing wrong with us, and that we don't need any freaking psychotherapy.

We ain't easy for a reason ladies. We have a responsibility and a duty to ourselves. Our liberation will come when we embrace the fact that NOTHING is wrong with us, and insist that men improve their sexual technique if they want to have sex with us. We can get sperm from the sperm bank. We don't need big muscles to compete for high paying high tech jobs. The jig is up. There is no reason for us to endure anything less than a completely satisfying love life any more.

If abstaining from ejaculation is good for men, it's got to be good for women too. I think we should collectively narrow our definition of the female cllmax to "spontaneous clitoral throbbing accompanied by a melting sensation that gives a tremendous sense of relief", and stop entertaining men with dramatic climactic theatrics that involve amrita solely, and leave us in state of perpetual tumescence.


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