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Rockefeller scammed us with hiv

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Published: 15 years ago
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Rockefeller scammed us with hiv

I think you've said something very wrong which is very deceiving indeed. When people say theres no hiv they don't mean theres no AIDS. You have to get the hiv-AIDS out of your head. Because you have this implanted falsity you automatically say something which is wrong. When I speak of no existance of hiv I do not and never say theres no AIDS. I suggest you read my text again and see where you've gone wrong.

AIDS does exist but it's not a singular disease it's a multitude of problems now all labelled within one bracket called AIDS. It is not caused by a hiv virus, never has and never will be. Notice how the Rockefeller system make sure people say hiv-aids now instead of them being seperate somewhat like when they first announced the fraud. This is to keep the indoctrination going hiv-aid, hiv-aids. Like I said the first part of your reply simply showed me the extent of this indoctrinate by the Rockefeller crowd upon you and the global arena.

So you work in a medical lab, is this supposed to sway us all back into believing theres a hiv virus and it causes AIDS. Sorry I'm not impressed. The damn people who work in the highest level medical labs wearing white coats supporting many useless qualifications all claim the same thing. They even have 3d rendered diagrams of a non-existant diagram based on Mathematics. It's incredibly pathetic and shows the free thinker how tunnel visioned, controlled and fooled both the people of the World and the Scientists themself are. Again it's simply a population control tool via clever mind alchemy indeed also making masses of money. Also note it's a Global Threat and yet again another global threat which can unite the World's peoples into eventually a World Government as with Global Warming and God knows what other junk they will come forth with. I suggest the reading of the Iron Mountain Report to understand that.

So my friend my haven't you collected the huge rewards for anyone who can actually isolate a hiv virus? Why hasn't anyone around the Globe done this? Prove to me that what I say about hiv tests is untrue! Sorry but we believe theres no such thing as hiv because there is no proof at all of hiv of any worthy statue what so ever. Robert Gallo was awarded the Sword of Loyola for his helping in creating one of the biggest hoaxs the World's ever known, one thats dangerous and money making.

Maybe you should research ALL the material on the truth behind AIDS including all the videos out there. Then come back once you've done this and took off the medical blinkers. Africa? Go to Africa and see all the poor starving people riddled with natural MALNUTRITION and it's continual diarrhea symptoms now labeled as AIDS symptoms. She so many women told their hiv if their ever given a phony test. I wonder why this is? Funny how Pregnancy can be a FALSE positive on an hiv test. Funny how the hiv test should not actually be used for checking for hiv as claimed by it's very CREATOR!

I'm sorry but I'm not going to hold back words to please a medical community and alternative health crowd making money from peoples misery and lies. We're in a time where we need to make a stand and be heard and stop this nonsense before it gets way out of line. We see these sci-fi in the future films where everyone believes the out right lies. What we do not see in reality through denial is the fact it's happening right now. No more will Rockefeller control us thinking we're all sheep.

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