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Published: 14 years ago
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Read the report and you will see that many people have been infected with the brucella bacteria/virus hybrid. When people suffer trauma like accidents, chemical poisoning, or vaccines don't take, then the brucella mycoplasma activates, (that is to say it lays dormant in the body in various tissues) and according to one reknown healer the mycoplasma lies dormant on nerves. This is one reason for MS, Fibromyalgia, deformities in the spine. Now when we have continually massaged pure essential oils into the spine of affected persons, their spines are almost completely healed after one year of application.

Look. I served in the military as an EMT and known others who went to serve at the CDC. I've met the very ill soldiers who transported this stuff and THERE IS NO DOUBT AT ALL that Aids is the very same thing as brucella mycoplasma. All the documents, persons, everything, even my own exposure and sickness of mycoplasma. It acts like lyme disease, candida, bells palsy and other diseases and is something entirely new. The patent was given in 1991-92. There is one doctor in america that I know of that can test for it and when i knocked on his door, he said he wasn't treating or testing anymore, I went to 4 different locations that his office had been and they had to move cause so many sick persons were lining up to be seen

THIS IS BIOLOGICAL WAR-UN-FARE not chemical stuff. At best the chemicals weaken the body and creates a disneyland for the bioactive agents.

ONE soldier washed his clothes and shipped them home and the newborn child got gain green through the body and died............. that is biological not chemical. The child never touched the cloths, but when unpacked, spread the tiniest amount of brucella in the air (air born) is highly contaminating. I have seen from personal observation that my freinds, family, and collegues have gotten approx 10% of the biological sickness that I have just from my presence. IT'S NOT CHEMICAL, it's biological and I have them take colloidal silver
pure essential oils and ayurvedic medicines to help. This brucella has a huge life span and one sperm clinic in LA stopped testing for MYCOPLASMA many years ago cause nearly everyone has is now..... in small doses.... Are you starting to see a little bit of the picture. Man wants to be GOD, and in his arrogance will kill all humanity to be the GOD of nothing. Even the price of england said when he dies he wants to reincarnate as a virus to kill 2\3 of the people.... sickkkkkkkk Demons... they are gonna get their war and the Real Supreme Personality of All Godhead Is GONNA kick them to Yamaraja for the royal beating they got coming to them.

LOOK, every scripture and many prophets throughout history says world war 3 is just around the corner and 2\3 of all life on this planet will die from sicknesses. BIOLOGY AND NUCLEAR and chemical last. Just look up Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Sigil, Merlin, Hopi, Mayan, Hare Krsna, that would mean most will die within the next 6 years. If more become spiritual, then less damage will happen.

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