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Re: Ultimate Zapper VS others

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Ultimate Zapper VS others

>- Firstly, you emphasize the price advantage of buying dual frequency zappers. Your statement is totally false. Some dual frequency zappers available are less expensive than single frequency zappers, some are the same price, and some cost far more.

Actually, my statement is absolutely true. I have looked at dozens of zapper models from different companies and yours is more expensive than almost all of the dual frequency models that I have seen.

>- The only information we have, according to you, is "Symptoms seem to stop and cold/flu never advances." Well, this is hardly a convincing statement. Symptoms "seem" to stop. The cold/flu ... "never advances". What does this statement mean?

The symptoms stop seems to me to be that the symptoms no longer exist, but I can not put the words on paper for the originator. What I did was to quote what the person in chrge of the project told me that I could publish and nothing more, nothing less.

It would be my preference to provide more information but since I do not have it, I can not. We shipped 8 ParaZapper MFC zappers to the university for their studies on HIV infected individuals.

>- (the common cold is not the same at all as the influenza, by the way)

That is a mighty arrogant statement. I guess that you think that no one here knows that. The individual was stating that the results were the same for either.

>- The "Creedence" (actually spelled "credence")

I am aware of the spelling, At the time, I was using a remote keyboard which would either place multiple characters or miss some. I did not proofread very well before posting as my time was limited. It is not the first typing error that I have made and will not be the last. I have also missed some spelling errors because I do not use a spell checker except for myself.

>- If, according to you, "the source has removed themselves from any other statements", that does not prevent you from letting people know the content of the information that you claim to have in hand, if you indeed have any information.

I posted exactly what I received on the letterhead. If they were not clear in their meaning to you, I can not help that.

>- Without being challenged you would be able to continue to pass off these kinds of unsubstantiated statements as being factual, which I find manipulative, as I have pointed out before on this forum

Like your claim of producing the best, completely unsubstantiated, also very manipulative.

Just like your claims of helping people. The only forum that you have posted on is the Zapper Support Forum and all that you have done is hype your product. I post to over 20 forums and rarely even mention the zapper on several of those.

I still stand by my statements. While your zapper may be a good single frequency unit with some good features, it is not the best. Your understanding of electronics and physics appears to be skewed at the minimum and I am not the only one to note it.

On your website, your self promotion is as obvious as you are making yourself here. You extensively bash the competition with nitpicking and false claims. Your website postings about Dr. Lloyd's supposed admiration of your product are clearly incorrect. You refuse to accept third party evaluation because your smoke and mirrors would disappear in a poof. This puts all that you claim under suspicion.

BTW, I want to submit that your waveform does not produce even harmonics. It does produce 2 sets of harmonics but sadly, each of these 2 sets of harmonics are only capable of adding up to 100 percent of the available power. The total power can not exceed 100 percent. The second set of harmonics which is produced by the shorter down time might be close matching what the set of even harmonics might contain, but it is not even harmonics. Almost every zapper, by nature, produces 2 sets of harmonics unless the zapper signal is digitally created. The 555 does not allow for exact timing of the duty cycle to a pure perfect 50 percent. I believe that the perfect matching of harmonics as an odd / even set of frequencies would be produced by a 66.666666 % / 33.333333 % duty cycle setup so that the primary frequency of the second period is exactly twice that of the primary frequency of the first period. AK????

The only real advantage that I can see from your zapper is the 10.4 volts that is output because you use a wall adapter. The stabilized waveform producd by the output bypass capacitor has some advantage but we dumped it when we developed the CCa. What we found was that the capacitor provided a placebo effect in that the pulse felt stronger but the actual results decreased.

And one last comment: Good Grief! $40 for an e-book ???? That is the last thing that someone suffering from something like MS needs to do is pay out that kind of money when they can't even work.

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