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Re: Can anyone explain this apparent contradiction?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Can anyone explain this apparent contradiction?

The contradiction only exists because of the thought that urine is a release of toxins -- It's not!

As digested food passes into the intestines, minute particles are absorbed through the intestinal walls and into the blood. From there the blood passes through the liver where toxins are filtered out and passed on to be eliminated through the feces, skin, and exhalation. The toxin-filtered blood is then passed on to the kidneys, which undergoes yet another filtration process, except this filtration is to BALANCE the levels of vitamins, water, nutrients, minerals, hormones, etc. in the blood. Whatever is not needed at that moment, is passed on to the bladder to be eliminated.

Urine is actually very sterile, antibacterial, antifungal. It is also structured water (on a molecular level the water is well structured, instead of chaotic/disorganized which is what happens when microwaving or other unnatural processes). Your body contains one of the best water filtration devices on the planet -- when I drink my urine it has a very smooth, soft and hydrating feeling to it (I am on a mostly fruits, vegetables and grains diet)

It should be obvious that what you put in is what you get out as a result. If your diet is crap (non-organic hormone-filled meat, junk food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, drugs, etc.), then your urine is going to be relatively crap as well (although still beneficial in a number of ways!).

Urine is literally an extract of your most vital element -- the blood. It's the "leftovers" that just didn't happen to be needed at the moment they were filtered out, not because they were "bad", but because the blood needs to stay balanced. It is highly rejuvinating for almost any aspect of the body, especially if you are on a healthy diet.

The only element in urine that can be considered toxic (aside from drugs/medications you may be passing) is urea which makes up about 2.5% of the urine. But the thing is, as far as I understand, it is only toxic when present in excess amounts IN THE BLOOD. When you drink urine, the urea is not passed directly into the blood, but filtered and passed on to the intestines/colon where it is actually beneficial (in the small amounts that are taken in from drinking it -- I'm sure sticking some extracted, concentrated large amount of urea in any part of the body wouldn't be good.)

Urea is actually a common ingredient (though probably in an extracted and processed/altered form so that it can be patented and sold) in some medicines and beauty products.

I hope that helps clear up the confusion! ... and yeah, Americans may have the most expensive urine, but that doesn't mean it's the most healthy -- on the contrary I'm sure. :)


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