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Thoughts on using MMS "Cayce-rhythm"?
Tyler Durden Views: 2,469
Published: 15 years ago

Thoughts on using MMS "Cayce-rhythm"?

In a lot of the Cayce material he recommends taking a particular protocol (this was frequently the case when he talked about castor oil packs) for several days, then *stopping* for a few days before resuming. The intention behind this, is that the body over time adjusts to anything that is put in it (or ON it). It's not necessarily that the body develops a "resistance", but that it becomes cognizant that a substance is being taken into it regularly, then adjusts in such a way that it lets the supplement 'do its work' for it.

BTW in order to refer to this kind of cadence or technique, I just coined the term "Cayce rhythm" because it was popularized in a lot of his remedies. An example of this applied here would be using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for 5 days in a row (e.g. Monday-Friday), then not using it for two days (Saturdays/Sundays). This would comprise a normal week then the cycle would begin again. Or, using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for 3 weeks then not using it for 1 week to comprise a one-month cycle. The period of time in which a protocol is paused allows the body to 'reset itself', so that the supplement doesn't lose its effectiveness or usefulness over time.

How could this approach be useful? Thinking of the heavy detox'ing symptoms that many people experience on Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , it could be helpful to give the body a break from having the liver, kidneys, colon etc. (elimination organs) work extra hard continously to remove toxicity from destroyed pathogens, and also possibly for the reasons above. If someone is unknowingly using more MMS than the body can comfortably handle with regards to toxin removal, the 'down time' could greatly help avoid becoming overwhelmed at any point. If this was the case it would indeed be better to go this route than to use MMS every single day, religiously, without skipping. It would take some faith that your progress isn't being compromised during the off-period, however (as powerful as MMS is, this shouldn't be an issue).

Has Jim Humble recommended anything like this in any of his interviews or e-books? Thoughts?

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