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Re: Where can you buy fresh cayenne peppers?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Where can you buy fresh cayenne peppers?

It is good to see that your aunt is interested in the benefits of Cayenne. Just be aware that a quick way to turn somebody completely off herbs in general is to expose them to excessively hot peppers before they've had a chance to gradually work up to tolerating them. For instance, somewhere in this thread was mentioned the use of Cayenne as hot as 125,000 to 300,000, but I don't recall seeing what the rationale is/was for wanting to use Cayenne that hot. Again, if this is being used by somebody already familiar with using the various Cayennes, especially the really hot ones, that's one thing and that is certainly their call to make, but it might be a big mistake to start yourself OR advise some other person to start off this hot when they don't have much or any experience using less hot Cayenne.

No matter what caliber of Cayenne is used, the overall beneift is due to the heat Cayenne generates which in turn promotes blood circulation which in turn improves the delivery of nutrition to AND the removal of waste matter from a given area of the body where circulation has been improved. The heat generated by eating / swallowing Cayenne will initially occur between the mouth, stomach and in between. If taken in capsule, this bypasses the mouth & esophagus and drops the Cayenne right into the stomach. Likewise, externally applying a formula, salve, liniment or tincture containing Cayenne to a specific part of the body will concentrate the heat/circulation in/on that area of the body. A good example is using Christopher's Eyebright formula which Schulze has long used & promoted. It includes Cayenne. This formula concentrates it's benefits on the eyeball and parts of the body near the eyeball, like tear ducts and sinuses.

This is a great point for mentioning a relevant anecdote from the days when the FDA/AMA syndicate still allowed herbal doctors like Schulze to practice.

A patient of Schulze's had an expensive horse that was dieing from cholic (impacted bowell and the various side effects that can arise from this). The attendant veterinarian had been unable to improve the horse's condition and told the owner the horse would soon die. Not wanting to give up, she called Schulze despite the fact that he was not trained nor licensed to treat animals. He agreed to help. He came to the horse and found it lying down borderline unconscious. He asked the vet for advice on how to get medicine into a horse in this condition. The vet said " via a tube into the stomach through the nose". Schulze asked the vet to put a tube into the horses stomach through the nose. Feeling the horse had little time to live, he got into his herb bag and hurriedly arranged an appropriate herbal tea formula - a handful of this, half a handful of that, plus a healthy dose of Cayenne, all the while trying to work out in his head the rough calculations of doseage for a 1000 pound horse. He was more familiar with calculating doses for 25 to 50 to 100 to 200 to 300 pound humans. In a gallon bucket he made a crude tea of various herbs, then poured into the tube going to the horses stomach. Suffice it to say that the vet was not a cheering advocate at this point, especially when he asked "what was that handfull of stuff you put in the brew?", and Schulze answered "Cayenne", to which the vet replied "Cayenne? Oh great, this horse is dead now". Schulze replied something to the effect of "you've already pronounced it much more dead can it be at this point?". He poured this mixture into the horse. Within 5 minutes or so, the horse's eyes shot open. In another few minutes the horse stood up. The ownder and Schulze were encouraged, the vet was still holding out. In another few minutes the horse projected a stream of black mucous out it's rear end that splattered on the wall of the stall, then it wildly ran around in a circle for a few laps. 10 minutes later it repeated this sequence, and again 10 minutes later. Shulze asked the vet "why is this horse behaving this way, running around in a circle?". The vet said "I'm not sure but I think it is trying to run away from it's ass". As is his practice, Schulze ran over again in his mind the amounts of herbs he'd mixed into the formula just to doublecheck what he did. He discovered that in his haste, he'd over-shot the dose of Cayenne by a factor of 10. He then whipped up a salve and applied to soothe the horse's enflamed anus. The horse lived, having survived the cholic, the vet AND enflamed anus; happy ending.

125,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units put directly into the mouth or stomach of any person or beast may not be what a good doctor has ordered... it may, it may not, but this is generally not something to do on a whim.

Realizing that Schulze is known as Doctor Cayenne, and in the past he's also been known for making some super hot herbal products, also be aware that Shulze himself has stated that for the majority of his herbal formulas that include Cayenne, he prefers to use those that provide a heat rating roughly around 40,000, and this can be provided by the kind of "Cayenne" literally known as classic Cayenne, as well as the average Chile peppers, both of which generally weigh in between Scovile scale between 40,000 to 100,000.

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