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Re: fecal body odor
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: fecal body odor


Please read the thread of our previous conversation to refresh yourself on what I know about fecal body odor. I've already told you.

I don't understand this sentence: "They think that I am crazy because I smell when I am 100% sure that I smell of feces. They said that they were going to give me a permanent psychiatrist that could help me." Are you saying that only you think you smell this odor or do others smell it too? I'm confused.

I'm assuming that it's a genuine problem so...

Oxypowder is not a cleanse it's short term laxative which is composed of magnesium oxide, a man made substance, not a natural substance. I do not consider it a full body cleanse, so count that out.

As for the other cleanse I'm not familiar with their products, I only know it's sold in grocery stores and various other places. Contact the companies; Oxypowder and CleanseSmart for support and guidance? They should have staff members that help out customers in need, not just a call center. Do they have support forums? If they are good they should help you.

You need to realize that cleansing is not an instant cure-all to every problem. It's a vital part of staying healthy but there are far to many factors involved in each individual case for you to assume that a few cleansings will do the trick. What about your diet? Did you take my orginal advice? You may have a issues metabolizing certain foods. Junk food or high fatty foods could also be contributing factors. I suggested a restricted diet
while cleansing for a 90 day period. Some people have to cleanse numerous times before they see results. Flushes - liver and kidney are also recommended. I suggested the you see an ND...did you do this?

Again, you are not going to find an instant cure-all but I do believe that through the process of elimination you can get an idea of what is going on with your body. Go back to when this first started...what did you change in your diet or lifestyle? Do you have any medical conditions that may contribute to the problem? Perhaps this is an accumulation of poor diet, lack of exerise and a sedentary lifestyle. Are you exercising vigorously on a daily basis for 20 to 30 minutes? Are you drinking plently of water to help flush toxins and waste from the colon consistantly. You need to stick with a strick healthy regime for more than 30 days before you see results. Making a few changes for only 30 days is not going to do much if you have more serious issues.

I have practiced cleansing for almost 20 years and I consider myself a basically healthy person, yet I still do intense cleansings, eat healthy and take supplements when needed on a consistent basis, if I don't my psoriasis comes right back. It took me over a year to finally control my psoriasis but I did it and I had to make major changes in diet and lifestyle. All toxins whether enviromental and otherwise can cause numerous heath problems. Our body's are in a constant state of cleansing, when this process becomes sluggish and slows down toxins are then stored in the body instead of being eliminated effectively, health conditions and disease flourish in this enviroment. So when there has been years of neglect to the body it takes time and persistance to get things back to normal. Now if you are thinking...I eat healthy and I've done nothing to bring this on...Have you practiced body cleansing, healthy eating habits and daily exercise for years? If the answer is no then I would bet that your problems may lie in an accumulation of things, especially if you have no medical problems to speak of.

I'm not saying that you are absolutley going to find your answer in my suggestions but you didn't listen to me the first time and I can tell you haven't been under the advice or care of someone knowledgeable with herbs or natural medicine or your choices in cleansings would have be more intense and thorough instead of picking an occasional laxative and a basic store bought cleanse. There are way better cleansings available then the one you tried. There are also very intense cleansings that involve fasting and enemas. Read "Dr. Jensens Book of Better Bowel Care", this will give you an idea of what a truely aggresive cleanse is like(and I'm not talking about taking laxatives)and what people are willing to try in order to relieve themselves of health issues. Dr. Schultze has very intense protocol's. He also has forums on CureZone and on his website. Dr. Mercola takes patient's at his office, go see him.

You are looking for something to instantly cure you and it isn't going to happen. I have told you this before and you still keep insisting it's out there and asking the same question to me. My answer is...NO! there is no instant cure for FBO and to officially get rid of it you must do everything possible starting with, expert advice, cleansings, flushings, fastings and diet. Stick with it and take it from there.



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