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Re: prostate cancer
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: prostate cancer

thats pretty much how i see it, too. he is in michigan - the biggest notch int he goiter belt. now if he will only listen and stay away from those damn doctors.

what spell do doctors have over people? it is a bold-faced lie to say that cancer is a mystery, that it is inevitable, that it can happen to anyone for any reason or no reason at all. the causes are known. preventable. reversable. the disease - curable.

what is most folks greatest asset? some may have life insurance. this means for most of those they are worth more dead than alive. for the rest of the majority their greatest financial asset is their health insurance. it is worthless without one thing - a diagnosis. once a diagnosis is given it activates the moneys available to be paid to doctors. it is big, big bucks. the biggest ticket items are the life threatening conditions and diseases. this is what people pay their premiums for, the so-called catastrophic illnesses. people are betting their hard earned money that they will die prematurely and fall extremely ill. when these things do happen its like they feel their hunch was right and that they are a winner. but like most lotteries it is easy come, easy go. and there are always predators waiting in the wings to get a portion or even the lion share of such winnings. there is a better way.

cancer is one of those diagnosis which instills the most fear and gives doctors the greatest leverage over their patients and their insurance money. people dont think. they dont have to. the doctor tells them what to do and the insurance company foots the bill. the patient has been told to trust doctors because they know so much more than you can ever know. they dont think about the money because most of it is covered and those monies can never be used for anything else. the patient feels like he is winning. he is just being used.

the entire process of a cancer diagnosis is designed to instil panic. early diagnosis is the key, they say. this creates expectation on the part of the person who regularly gets these checkups. then the day comes that cancer is found. ha! cancer has always been there. finally they have found it so it can be treated. and again, the panic sets in rendering the patient incapable of rational thought ont he subject. time is of the essence so the longer you take to get a second opinion or educate yourself is advertised as a possible death sentence. how often have people heard, "they waited too late" or "thank goodness we caught it in time?" too late for what? in time for what? most people who get cancer die of cancer sooner or later because they never address the cause. they become victims in the war on cancer, a war which is designed, like the war on terrorism, to be waged in perpetuity.

the biggest joke is that once the medicos have poisoned and mutilated the person and they survive beyond five years(who can tell me they wouldnt have survived that long anyway?) it is called a success and goes down on the records as a cure. any subsequent revival of the cancer is called a different cancer, again with a mystery cause and even more mysterious means and methods of treatment. treatments which will eventually result in the death of the patient. they will say of them that they fught the good fight and that they were so valliant when actually they were scared out of their minds the whole time and died in incredible pain due to bad advice at the hands of greedy sadists. how do i know this? it is obvious. all of their methods cause harm. all of their treatments cost outrageous amounts of money.

in the case of a mass or tumor as they are called, one of the first things done for diagnostic purposes is a biopsy. this automatically and immediately breaches the body's own natural defenses against such conditions to contain the problem and releases a trememndous amount of cancer cells into serum for them to spread through the body. this ensures that treatment must be swift and provides opportunity for the cancer to spread for further treatment in the future. this is necessary if you depend solely on doctors because this way they can tell what kind of cancer it is and adjust the treatments to fit that particular kind. alas, this only gives more procedures and lab work to charge for and more false hope to the patient.

this nightmare continues, sometimes with gaps of years, most times not. even in remission, the patient will continue to keep coming back to doctors and fearing the worst.

there is an alternative. it is one that works. it is also one that requires staying completely away from doctors. because if the cancer wont kill you, they will. and in the end, not even morphine can mask the pain until that final dose that stops the breathing.

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