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fungus gone wild

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kcpopps Views: 14,198
Published: 13 years ago

fungus gone wild

Please give me your advice! I have a what I think is a fungus on my left foot. It is getting really bad.

I have had a few minor flareups over the past year. It starts out as a small boil or blister in the center of the bottom side of my left foot. The blister fills with fluid and gets very tight but not too large. After a few days, I lance the blister, it seems to get infected and creates a red sore larger than the original blister was. The past 2 times, that subsided after several days and healed up in a couple of weeks. Not so this third time...

This 3rd time - the problem has gotten serious. After lancing the blister this time, the red infected area got much larger than ever before. It quickly turned into a large and nasty looking wound/sore (after I dug at it due to irresistible itching). The itching is almost unbearable at times - comes on fairly suddenly - and I have no doubt spread and complicated the problem by scratching.  There are little bumps all around --- around the perimeter of the wound, and now spreading over 3/4ths of the bottom and a good portion of the top of the foot and around and in between the toes.

I have been trying to NOT go to the doctor. I have pretty much completely lost faith in orthodox medicine. However, I'm now at the point to where something needs to happen to start healing - before my foot gets irreparably damaged.

I do not know for certain it is a fungus ---  I guess I'm hoping it's a fungus instead of something worse. I have had ONE thick fungy toenail for years, but it has never been painful or a problem. Don't know if this could have originated from that....

I have photos of my foot. Is it possible to upload them here? Would anyone be willing to look at it? It's not pretty, but I need advice. Please let me know.

I have ordered some MMS. It should be here on Friday - don't know if I can/should wait that long before doing something. My wife doesn't want me to take it - the MMS - I ordered it before telling her and I'm still thinking it all over.

So - what would you do? If I do take MMS, should it be applied externally to the foot as well as taking it orally? Do you know any other remedies to relieve the itching in the meantime?

So far I have been soaking the foot for 15 minutes once a day in a mixture of vinegar, boric acid, and epsom salts. I then clean and dry the foot, and have been applying Tolnaftate anti-fungal cream and topping that with Tolnaftate powder on the foot and in the sock.

None of that seems to be helping much, if at all. It's spreading and getting worse.

ALSO - I have Hepatitis C. That has really never been a problem for me in the 8 years since I found out I had it. I have not had a test to check the Hep-C in many years. I've read that MMS has been effective in treating HepC for some other people.

Can I walk into a lab and get my own test done, without a doctors order or involvement? I'm in the Kansas City area (USA). I would like to check the Hep-C levels before and after the MMS (if I decide to take it, that is!) so that I can report the results.

I have pretty much lost faith in orthodox medicine to treat anything - so I would like to NOT have to go to the doctor.... but maybe I should. I don't want to mess around too long and have it get so bad that I lose my foot or something, which is what has my wife worried. I have no health insurance and barely get by financially, so money is a factor too.

I will be so grateful for any and all replies! Thank you so much in advance!


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